'73 Nate Archibald diamond card
95 Overall
  • 85 INS
  • 94 OUT
  • 98 PLY
  • 97 ATH
  • 96 DEF
  • 30 REB

Why shooting stats dont matter

Written by WhosYourDaddyNow

This is undoubtedly one of the best rated shooting + playmaking cards in the game! I was amazed when I first saw the stats and sold a couple of Moments cards to be able to afford him. Fair to say, I was expecting a lot from this card. But, here comes the tricky part: He is terribly badged. Bronze badges are almost like not having badges at all, the only difference is that you need only 2 badges to get to Gold badges. I spent 40k MT to get him, so I didn't want to spend 20-30k more to turn his badges to Gold. So I turned him into: 3 Golds, 8 Silvers and 3 Bronzes. Even that wasn't enough though, as I explain below.

Bought for: 40,000 MT

Here is my experience:


  • Playmaking: This is one of the BEST playmakers in the game available to buy. Most PGs with such great playmaking stats are high tier Rewards. His dribbling is amazingly fast and his passes are mostly spot on, so don't be afraid to throw some lobs!
  • Steals: He might not be able to defend a driving-to-the-basket player, or stop anyone pushing him back, but his steals are true to their rating - 97!
  • Speed: A rocket. His speed is amazing (can't get better than 99 anyway), although he is a bit short and will get pushed back when that stupid contact animation happens. But he is great at leading the break.
  • Shooting (IF BADGED UP): His shooting stats ONLY matter when and if you badge him up at almost all Gold for his Catch&Shoot, Difficult Shots, Corner Specialist, Deadeyes etc... With the Gold badges, he will almost hit anything and become almost OP. In my opinion he is NOT REALLY OP though, as he can rarely shoot over opponents or finish layups under pressure without getting blocked, even if he is badged up.


  • Height: Pretty obvious. Although he is a PG, which makes the short height not really that big of a problem if you mostly use him for dribbling and passing and only shoot when wide open.
  • Strength: This is only a problem during the fast break as if he comes in contact with another player he gets pushed around instead of pushing around them and speeding off.
  • His release: A bit tricky but not bad. You just need to spend some time in Freestyle to get used to it.
  • Hot zones: Not many, 4 Hot and 2 Cold. Hot at the corners though.
  • Dunking: He CAN dunk, but you should never go run to finish at the rim when there is any kind of an opponent there.
  • Shooting (WHEN NOT BADGED UP): And by that I mean the 3 Golds / 8 Silvers / 3 Bronzes I first used him with. First game was 30% FG and 20% from 3pt. EVERY shot I pulled after running or when not wide open by 10ft missed. I decided to try him out like that for a few more games. I got similar results. After badging up his Shooting badges, he became the great finisher the stats suggest.

So, this card is one of the best examples how shooting stats depend on badges A LOT in this game:

  • Bad shooters with Gold badges are still bad shooters.
  • Good shooters without Gold badges are average.
  • Good shooters with Gold badges are great.

Recommended Strategy: "Run, dribble, pass. If you badge him up to Gold, run, dribble, shoot as well. Great at P&R and lobbing passes for dunks too."

Use if: (1) You want a great playmaker that runs like a Speedy Gonzales. If you want a truly great shooter he will cost you ~15k more just to get Gold shooting badges.

Don't use if: "You don't want to spend the MT for badges and want a great shooting PG."

Bottom Line: "A great PG, a true Playmaker, with amazing speed. Just don't expect him to hit everything without his Gold badges. Spend a bit more and he can be that too. Also, don't expect any athletic ability to finish at the rim (like Steve Francis or Westbrook etc.)."

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    Spot on review. I picked him up luckily in a pack with all the bronze badges and thought his shooting left much to be desired. I dont know if i will upgrade the badges at this point as I use him mostly to distribute anyways.


    Nice review. Thanks man.
    I bought him for 50 k without badges and i think his shooting is really nice, also without badges...


    If you feel like that without badges, you are gonna love him with them! ;)


    what about giving him posterizer badge? or he's too short for it?


    I think he is too short for it, but I haven't tried it so I don't know for sure...


    yeah i think the same and dont want to waste a badge


    I got gold posterizer on him. his height doesnt really seem like a problem in game imo.


    so he takes advantage of the posterizer badge on a regular base?


    Bro I managed to get him with 17 gold badges and he struggled for me, I say wait until he's like 20k.


    Maybe then it is more of an effect of getting used to his shooting. The badges help, but maybe it's because I got used to him more that he started to become great.


    I've found him to be very inconsistent. First game went scoreless with him through 3 quarters, ended with 19 points. When he scored he scores in bunches. He shouldn't be a first scoring option though.


    I know, one game he scored 21 points, 7 assists, 3 steals for me, but this was against Ruby Point Guards. By the way I'm in the Ruby League, and you have to deal with Diamond or Amethyst Magic, Diamond James Harden, Diamond or Pink Diamond Jerry West, Diamond Derrick Rose, Diamond Penny Hardaway, Diamond Jason Kidd, Diamond Steve Nash, Amethyst or Ruby Giannis Antetokoumpo, and Diamond Tracy McGrady. All of these players listed above are commonly used in the Ruby League or Higher.


    True, but none of those listed are cheaper than Nate at the moment. So he is still a bargain, but is probably worse to most of the PGs you mentioned...