'98 Larry Johnson diamond card
94 Overall
  • 94 INS
  • 86 OUT
  • 71 PLY
  • 87 ATH
  • 84 DEF
  • 93 REB


Written by DetroitPistons32

All I have to say is WOW. Larry Johnson is a straight beast in this game. I completed the Hornets set today for about 100k to get him. I already had the current hornets players so it was fairly easy to complete having 120,000 MT.I played about 4 head to head games with him so far. Larry Johnson is probably the best obtainable card in MyTeam right now. He is such a difference maker on my team. He could shoot the 3 ball, shoot the mid, hit post fadeaways and hooks, rebound, defend, and pretty much do anything.

Bought for: Completed the Hornets set for about 100k


  • Finishing layups and dunks- Larry Johnson is a great finisher in traffic and makes most contested layups.
  • Shooting the 3 ball- When Larry Johnson is wide open he is cash for me. I constantly get green releases with him.
  • Shooting the Mid-Range Jumper- His Mid-range is really good, I rarely miss from there with him.
  • Rebounding- Larry Johnson is a very athletic Power Forward, so grabbing rebounds is pretty easy for him. I average about 8 rebounds with him a game.
  • Defense- Larry Johnson is a great defender, he could steal the ball very effectively, and also play good perimeter defense. I get at least 1-2 steals with him every game.
  • Post Moves- This is one of Larry Johnson's strongest assets. He has an incredible post fadeaway and a post hook that matches. I hit about 15/20 of the post moves I shot with him so far. It is just overpowered in my opinion. Scoring- Larry Johnson could score in any way you could think of. I am averaging 25 points a game with him and I feel he could drop 40 points any game he wants.


There aren't many weaknesses in Diamond Larry Johnson's game. The only weakness I could think of is his speed with the ball.

Recommended Strategy: He could do anything, just don't try to handle the ball down the whole court with him. He could score in many ways.

Use if: You want an amazing all-around Power Forward that could do it all

Don't use if: You don't want to pay 100-150k for a diamond player

Bottom Line: This is the best card I used so far on MyTeam. He is so fun to use and is a great asset to any team.

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