'08 Paul Pierce diamond card
95 Overall
  • 86 INS
  • 94 OUT
  • 80 PLY
  • 86 ATH
  • 90 DEF
  • 76 REB

Better than Diamond Melo

Written by CookieJar

I have a lot of pretty good cards, amethyst glen rice, Pink diamond isiah, diamond cp3, diamond mcginnis, pink diamond baylor, lou hudson, adrian dantley etc etc but this dude.....mannnnnn this dude!!!! Long story short this dude is the best card I've used this year in my team, and anyone who spent or spends 600k+ on diamond melo is an idiot because this dude is better

Short paragraph summarizing the review and how you used the player

Bought for: 60,000 MT


  • Inside scoring: Great at finishing near the rim, he dunks on everyone! and is great at finishing and drawing fouls
  • Mid range: has HoF mid range deadeye with a 96 middy, his release is faster than in previous years so he greens heaps and gets shots off faster, he doesn't miss midrange
  • Three's: this dude is lethal from beyond the arc, great ratings, great badges, great release and he can shoot from DEEEEPP
  • Playmaking: 89 ball control, has nice handles and can speed boost and break ankles, and is a good passer if he gets confronted at the rim, but hey don't pass coz he will jam on them
  • Defense: this dude is the best defender I've used at the SF. better than amy lebron, PD baylor, diamond hudson or diamond dantley, this dude is just better
  • hes fast for once, paul pierce has speed in this card and its a beautiful thing
  • Rebounds: can run him at the 4 coz he grabs boards
  • Post: he has 90 strength and a 95 post fade with a sexy shimmy animation and a beautiful release, and oh my god it is soon effective


  • if you turbo with him 24/7 he will get tired but thats the same with every single card in the game
  • no weaknesses though

Recommended Strategy: Run your offense through him, ISO, SHOOT, POST UP

Other Comments: (optional) don't waste money on cards like melo, this dude is under 60k and is much better than them

Use if: "You want the best overall SF in the game

Don't use if: you're a moron

Bottom Line: "Great value for money, nice player to use while building up your team."

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