'73 Nate Archibald diamond card
95 Overall
  • 85 INS
  • 94 OUT
  • 98 PLY
  • 97 ATH
  • 96 DEF
  • 30 REB

Awesome/Glitch code

Written by Gabdabeast

Alright so first of all i did this review for @Tmac_Attack. So when this card came out i checked it's stats and i knew i needed him to remplace Steve Francis (Steve is now my 2 guard). Nate is Great. so many people think he's trash cause he's 6,1 but he isn't! and for 40k, he is worth every Penny.

Bought for: ~40,000 MT


  • Speed: He will outrun every player on fast break and finishes nicely
  • Defense: so first thing i did after getting him was playing against the showtime lakers, to try him against Magic and because of his 97 steal and 98 lat. quickness he follows pretty damn well. I wouldn't say he clamps him cause if he posts up its over call double team. Against smaller, slower players et trives. He clamped DRose in MTO. If the pg is under 6.5", he will clamp him auto.
  • Release: Some people (most people) will disagree with me but i really love Nate's release. it take practice tho, so don't hope to master it instantly in game. go in freestyle and shoot to master it. And free throw release is awesome too. -Versatile: Nate can defo shoot the three and the middy, but most people think he can't drive which is actually false. of course he is 6.1 so he will get blocked sometimes but he finish's quite easily or gets a foul (btw free throw release is cheese) -Inside scoring/Mid Range: As i just mentioned he can definitely lay it up or even dunk on peaps. yes you read that right. i applied posterizer for some reason and even tho its silver he postered Yao ming twice in one game... -Playmaking: No kidding i am trash at dribbling. With this card i break ankles on the daily, with just his sizeup. they are really that good. plus he is GOAT at the pick'n'roll/Fade ball handler.


  • Size: While playing i noticed his big weakness: Size matters. He will have difficulty playing against guys like Hardaway and Johnson but at least he steals often without needing to spam
  • Fouls: For some reason i seem to fouls a freaking lot with this card. he still gets like 4 steals a game, but he will pick them with 2/3 fouls "For some: Release (Not for me)": is release maybe hard to learn for some but when its down green releases shall Be everywhere

Recommended Strategy: Primary Ball handler, Pick'n'roll/Fade, 3pt, mid Range, drive, cut, Dish, pass first whatever, just nothing to do with size

Other Comments: I call him Speedy Gonzalez. I used him with diamond Marc Gasol and he has even better. they really compliment themselves well.

Use if: You want an athletic playmaker, a do-it-all type of player who can take over at any time given the opportunity

Don't use if: You prefer having size at the 1 like magic or penny

Bottom Line: Get him, he is defo worth trying out, learn his release and you shall be ready to dominate.

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