'65 Oscar Robertson diamond card
98 Overall
  • 91 INS
  • 96 OUT
  • 97 PLY
  • 94 ATH
  • 96 DEF
  • 96 REB


Written by Brawlerz16

There are no words to describe how purely god like this card is. He is literally 1 attribute under Pink Diamond Kobe. So I knew this card would be God-like from the moment I saw this. But this card... this card truly deserves the title "One of a kind". I have never played with a card this good. This card, literally, does everything.

Bought for: Pulled out of singles pack


Playmaking: He feels like magic in terms of size, but has the speed of Curry in terms of handles. He has so many ways of getting pass your opponent, including an extremely cheesy post control that just demolishes every point guard not named Magic. His passes are extremely crisp as well and he can actually launch the ball down court with pretty consistent success.

Inside scoring: If you so much as throw yourself in the direction of a defender, you will get the call. Like, it doesn't matter who is inside the paint. Last game I played, I got 7 and-ones against diamond Yao (I scored 56 with Oscar this game) The main reason? His post game. His post control, fade, and hook is devastation incarnated. This card KILLS off-ballers as he literally, spins off of every point guard (except magic) and with 85 strength, just bullies them. With relentless and acrobat both being hof, there is little to nothing you can do except learn to play defense/change your matchups.

Outside scoring: I knew this card was going to be trouble with a 3 pointer but this is ridiculous. His release is very smooth and easy to learn and not only that, but this card PUNISHES anyone foolish enough to sag off.

Athleticism: This card is an absolute demon on the court. He is so smooth and comfortable to use that I even start to off ball usering him, not because my defense is bad, but because he is so fast yet controllable and has good size. He is very comfortable to use and it actually hurts me to switch off of him at times. But that isn't all. His rebounding is insane, and if he gets the ball, it's over. Hall of fame one man fastbreak on this card is a glitch for there are only 2 options for this card on a fastbreak: you score or you passed it. All you have to do is run down court and take a contested layup and bam, free throws or and one.

Defense: His size, plus speed equal nightmare for opponents. Best thing is i can actually leave him in against magic and other cheese players like tmac and carmello and clamp them up with easy. Because of this, he is ideal to have at the 1.


None. There are literally, no weaknesses to be found within this card. You really just have to be better than your opponent to get one over on this card.

Use if: You want the most complete player in 2K history.

Don't use if: You are comfortable being a lesser player

Final Verdict:

This is the only card, in all my years of ultimate team (2K, Mut, fifa), that truly does...


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