'83 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar diamond card
94 Overall
  • 96 INS
  • 68 OUT
  • 55 PLY
  • 71 ATH
  • 85 DEF
  • 93 REB

Stick with the amethyst

Written by FiN_27

I want to start by saying that this diamond Kareem is an amazing card. The only problem is that he's not that much better than his amethyst card - especially not worth 30k mt more.

Bought for: Packed


  • Inside scoring: Generally exceptional inside. Dunks and layups are automatic. Does very well even when contested. Does get blocked by very tall centres like Yao from time to time but generally very good. Scoring 16 ppg and many of these are from inside.
  • Post game: Exceptional in the post. Obviously he has the Sky hook but he's also very good with general jump shots from the post. Pretty mobile as well allowing you to go straight to the rim if your opponent falls for the pump fake.
  • Mid range: If he's open he's getting it's going in. Still makes a good number of contested shots from the midrange. His height helps with this - particularly if you are against a smaller centre/power forward.
  • Rebounding: Defensively I'm yet to see him lose out on a rebound. Can win some offensive rebounds but it very much depends on your style of offense. Has recycled some clutch possessions which is great.
  • Interior Defending: Rarely bullied inside. Can block many players but will certainly contest well when he needs to. Only blocks 1.2 shots per game but he feels far more effective than this.
  • Free throws: The only really noticeable improvement between his amethyst and diamond. Still not worth the improvement. He was 82% from the line but I've got his amethyst shooting 76% from the line - is 6% free throw shooting worth 30k mt?


  • Speed: Slow compared to the modern centre like KAT, Cousins etc. Can find these type of centres getting open threes as a result. Not ideal.
  • Perimeter Defense: Often find him on the perimeter getting blown past by guards - no big deal. Some of the faster PFs and Centres can also do this, however, and it causes all sorts of problems defensively.
  • Not noticeably better than his amethyst: ATM he's 30k more expensive than his amethyst. I don't think it makes much sense to buy his diamond. I still feel Kareem could be getting better cards later in 2k17 so better to hold off for a better Kareem (PD maybe?)

Recommended Strategy: Post up the more modern centres to stop them breaking same with smaller/weaker centres. Pick and roll works well against slower, more traditional, centres.

Use if: You're desperate for a diamond Kareem or are OK with overspending 30k. Want a very good traditional centre.

Don't use if: You are fine with using the equally good amethyst and want to save mt. Also if you want a more modern 3pt shooting centre that can stretch the floor.

Bottom Line: Would recommend getting the amethyst if you want a Kareem card. Great inside game and dominant rebounding centre. Lack of a 3pt might be a deal breaker for some.

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    I know that the diamond and amethyst are quite similar stats wise but the increase in a few key stats and those three HOF badges really help in my opinion. I would personally go for the diamond Kareem. And what console are you on because on ps4 you can get the diamond for probably 80-90k on bid right now and the amethyst is about the same if not just a tad less.


    I agree, this card is going for at least 5-10K under 100K on Xbox as well, and is worth it compared to the Amethyst because of those badges. Those inside badges make this card a much better presence the paint and take this card to the next level. Another factor is that the Amethyst is literally going for nearly the same price as the Diamond, so it is a great idea to pick this Diamond one up!


    Yeah now I'd say it's probably worth getting the diamond. At the time of this review I sold diamond Kareem for 100k mt and bought the amethyst Kareem for 68k mt. For me diamond Kareem wasn't worth the 30k more - I'd rather amethyst Kareem and amethyst Spencer Haywood (for example) than just diamond Kareem. With the change in prices causing the amethyst to be only a couple of thousand less I'd say definitely get the diamond.


    You must not be abusing that HOF drop step


    I'm at like 90k mt right now. Considering saving for 98ovr Kareem