Aaron Gordon ruby card
88 Overall
  • 81 INS
  • 81 OUT
  • 51 PLY
  • 83 ATH
  • 78 DEF
  • 92 REB

ok earlier in the game

Written by asam12

My team is mostly diamonds and amethysts with one or two rubies. So when I pulled this card, I didn't really care. But then I switched out my ruby Bosh for this card and I was pretty impressed. In my first game with him I barely put him in but he scored 14 points and 8 rebounds on 9-11 shooting.

Bought for: League pack


  • Inside scoring: Good at finishing near the rim
  • Good rebounder
  • Ok defense


  • Terrible passer (he usually gets a lot of turnovers.)
  • If you are past the beginning stages of the game this isn't the best card.
  • Will probably just warm the bench

Recommended Strategy: Whenever you put him in, keep him in the post. Playing on the ball with him is probably not a great idea against some of the diamond and amethyst players.

Use if: You are in the early stages of the game and need a strong finisher.

Don't use if: You need playmaking or shooting

Bottom Line: Not a bad card but not great.

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