'11 Dwyane Wade pinkdiamond card
99 Overall
  • 92 INS
  • 88 OUT
  • 92 PLY
  • 96 ATH
  • 94 DEF
  • 66 REB

Holy freaking smokers

Written by KrustyKoala28

Idek anymore (boii)

Bought for: Lockercode


-Mid range: green freaking light just shoot it

-Post Hook: Idk why but he has like the best Hook in the game, it's freaking weird but true (now we're going into National Geographic weird but true articles lol)

-Fade: AKA Dirk at shooting guard

-Defense: Nothing he can't on D

-Playmaking: Handles the ball great, and throws really accurate passes unless there's a freaking Yao the snow plow in the middle

-Rebounding (Guard based) For a guard, he's a great rebounder

-OPEN THREE: He's good when he's open


-Contested Three: I mean he's badddd

Recommended Strategy: Shoot a Three WHEN OPEN, and do anything I said in the Strength column

Examples: Not taking dumb shots

Other Comments: ADD A THREE SHOE! Also has really good Dribble animations

Use if: You want a player who can do everything but shoot from the parking lot

Don't use if: You want a player who will kill you from the parking lot

Bottom Line: I like turtles

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