Ricky Rubio ruby card
89 Overall
  • 77 INS
  • 90 OUT
  • 96 PLY
  • 87 ATH
  • 79 DEF
  • 53 REB

RUBYo (10/10 for cleverness)

Written by MotorCity5

I wasn't gonna make this review, but the last game I used with him convinced me thatthe public has to know...

Bought for: 8,500 MT


  • Outside Scoring: Surprisingly good for a Rubio card. He never missed open looks, and has a really easy release.
  • Passing: Duh. Never missed passed, flashy, chest, bounce, baseball, you name it. Very reliable, always puts teammates in good position to score
  • Stealing: Over 90, one of the highest in the game. When I gave him gold pick pocket, he became the best stealing card I've used all year.
  • Overall Defense: Fast enough to stay in front of anybody, great steal, surprisingly locks down 90% of opposing guards.
  • Pick and Roll: Perfect player for this cheesy play.


  • Rebounding: Not really that bad, actually grabs quite a few, but it isn't anything to awe over.
  • Shot Creation: Good handles and shot, but his off the dribble 3 isn't as good as his standing 3, which makes it somewhat harder at times to create his own shot.
  • Stamina: Doesn't lose stamina ridiculously fast, however, he does take a really long time to gain it back for some reason.

Recommended Strategy: "Pick and roll, catch shoot, kick out on drives"

Other Comments: (optional) "Oddly good shooter for a Rubio card. Didn't mention this before, but this guy can pretty much lob it from anywhere inside the half court line. Just badge him up and get two athletic big men and lob city becomes the gameplay."

Use if: "You want a a good all around, cheaper option at PG."

Don't use if: "You have enough MT to buy a top tier PG, or if you want amazing versatility. Only good at PG."

Bottom Line: "Great value. Again, not very versatile, but that's his only flaw. I don't see any option to not give this guy a try unless you're counting on an amy Rubio in the next 5 games or so."

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