Damian Lillard diamond card
96 Overall
  • 88 INS
  • 97 OUT
  • 90 PLY
  • 95 ATH
  • 83 DEF
  • 61 REB


Written by SwagPete

I remember some great memories with the 97 overall diamond Lillard in last years game. I was literally rage quitting players because of him. It turns out that this Lillard is even deadlier on offense than was he was last year. I have played a total of 5 games with Dame and he has put in some total work. He is currently averaging 25.4 pts, 3.2 reb, 5.2 ast, shooting 55% and 53% from three.

Bought for: Moments Packs, sniped for 14.5k mt.

Strengths: Scoring: One of the best point guard scorers in the game. A total phenomenon from inside the paint and outside the three. Inside the paint Lillard can take contact for an and one or just dunk it on anybody in his way. It also helps that Lillard has a 97 draw foul and a 96 free throw, helping for clutch moments. Also, whenever Lillard shoots a three, it has a great chance of going in, open or contested.

Playmaking: Has great handles to burn point guards on drives. I have faced multiple amethyst Curryʻs and Lillard just drives past Curry every time, thanks to a 95 speed with ball stat. Lillard also has great ball control, also at a 95. As long as you make good passes, you wonʻt have any turnover problems with Lillard. Also, he can break some serious ankles with his step back.

Athleticism: Dame is super quick on the court, with a speed and acceleration of 95 respectively. Lillard also has a great 98 stamina. Depend on him in late games, he will still have energy to give out at the end of the game and become clutch. Also has a 94 vertical, helping him dunk on anybody in his way.

Defense: Lillardʻs defense is decent. Unfortunately, his steal is at a 59, not as good as the other Lillard last year. Besides that, as long as you are good at on ball defense, you will have no problems on defense with Lillard.

Weaknesses: Rebounding: Dameʻs rebounding isnʻt really concerning to me, even though his rebounding stat isnʻt really all that good. The only time Lillard is in some trouble is when he faces off a Westbrook. But, he is a point guard, so you donʻt have to worry about Lillard grabbing every rebound.

Use if: You want a phenomenal point guard scorer that also is really fast and is acceptable at defense

Don't use if: You want a point guard who grabs a lot of rebounds.

Bottom Line: One of the best point guard diamonds in the game, let alone one of the best in the game. If you want a scorer who can absolutely destroy other point guards, get Dame DOLLA.

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