'07 Stephen Jackson amethyst card
92 Overall
  • 81 INS
  • 91 OUT
  • 70 PLY
  • 89 ATH
  • 80 DEF
  • 55 REB


Written by PistolPete

Got on 2k yesterday to see these new cards and after opening a pack I pulled Stephen Jackson. I played one game and he had 27 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, and a steal. His badges could have been better and they could have just made the silver one gold but it's 2k. He can hit the occasional fade shot but is not a recommended shot every time. For pick and rolls, he is good as the roller and the ball handler. Overall this card is a great budget baller that can be the main scorer on a team. Short paragraph summarizing the review and how you used the player

Bought for: Opened one pack


  • Great at driving in and going to the line.
  • Also he is Ok at defense but if he gets beat he comes up with the block.
  • Standing Shot 3pt: 90 and he GREENS EVERYTHING
  • His height makes him able to run the 1-4 positions and also he has good enough ball control with a shoe to run point guard.
  • He steals a lot better than PD Isiah Thomas


  • He doesn't rebound super well for being 6'8

Recommended Strategy: "Drive 1v1, pick and roll"

Use if: "You want a SF/SG that can run any position and guard any position"

Don't use if: "You want a super athletic player like Vince Carter"

Bottom Line: "Great value for money, nice player to use while building up your team. This is a budget baller card that any regular player can afford"

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