'06 Dwyane Wade diamond card
97 Overall
  • 94 INS
  • 91 OUT
  • 96 PLY
  • 97 ATH
  • 96 DEF
  • 66 REB

You Won't Believe This Shit...

Written by donnymost68

First things first, click bait, I know, I'm sorry, but it was the most appropriate title. So I copped this Wade after selling Diamond KG and Diamond Hayward, (both combined sold for about 385k after tax), along with diamond Dirk (orgasmic card btw). The unbelievable part of this story was that my first opponent with Wade (and Dirk) was a man running a themed lineup, of all Cavs players, down to the 13th man. The best part of this lineup? I noticed his bench center was ANDERSON VAREJAO (gold 79 overall). If anybody here doesn't know about Dwyane Wade's dunk on Varejao, you can't call yourself a basketball fan. Before I get into the rest of the details of the story, Wade and Dirk both played phenomenally (21 and 24 pts respectively). Now, the real stuff; Varejao checked in, and I subbed Wade back in. I drove to the basket twice before it happened (First time, I kicked it for a mid, second time, I lost the ball to help defense). Varejao was the lone man in the paint, and wade just floored him. I had the biggest nostalgia boner of all time. I won by 6, and I'm sorry to anyone with the PD Wade who got fucked by Ronnie #PDGAY. Here's what I love about this card.

Bought for (Bid): 185,000 MT (Approximately)


  • Inside scoring: Get out of the way, unless you want to end up like Varejao. Fantastic layup animations, dunks angrily, and he is a proud citizen of And-One City (98 draw foul).
  • Mid Range: Lovely release, gorgeous rating, money almost always.
  • 3pt: Really not bad for an 86. He's not like the amethyst one from last year, but he makes more than you'd expect. Corner 3 is just about guaranteed.
  • Playmaking: Wade doesn't drop dimes, he drops quarters. 98 pass accuracy and 96 ball control plus some schwifty handles make him even more of a nightmare to defend.
  • Post Fade: 79 for a guard is pretty good. It isn't a go to shot, but it's a fun bailout shot at the 24 second buzzer
  • Athleticism: Like a fucking lightning bolt, Wade zips down the court like Barry Allen (why do you think he's called FLASH?) with 98 speed and 96 with ball. His vert is great too
  • Defense: He locks up. 96 on ball, 96 steal, and high everything else except post D. Blocking is it's own section for a reason.
  • Blocking: The only guard in 2K history with an A+ block rating, Wade serves it well. He doesn't exactly get 3 a game, but when he gets one, it feels so fucking great to block someone with a guard, especially Wade.
  • Badges: 15 gold badges and 6 amethyst badges = Nuts
  • Intangibles: FUCKING 35


  • Rebounding: Nothing special here. He'll get it if it comes to him, but he won't really battle for it.
  • Moving 3's: Not the greatest shot you can take. It's something to let fly if there's a second left on either clock (shot clock or game clock)
  • Free Throw: 81 is by no means bad, it's just not nearly as OP as his other stats, which will feel weird in game (at least to me). His FT release is still cash, so I doubt it'll be a problem

Recommended Strategy: Drive 1v1, catch and shoot, mid range pull-up, post fade, pick and pop/roll/fade, corner 3, drive 1v2, run at PG, (I run him at the 2, but his playmaking can easily make him a 1), set on the enemy team's best guard.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uRN7iJ5CqQ. Just a reminder of the murder that happened in 2009

Use if: You want to play with D-Wade when he nutted on the league with his 30 ppg average

Don't use if: You have two diamond reward shooting guards or not a ton of money

Bottom Line: He gives me such nostalgia each game. He's just tons of fun to play with, and he's a monster when he's not even trying. Anyone with 200k and the need for a game breaker should go pick this demon up.

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