'86 Larry Bird diamond card
98 Overall
  • 92 INS
  • 97 OUT
  • 89 PLY
  • 86 ATH
  • 97 DEF
  • 94 REB

Larry Legend GG

Written by wetterthanmost

Larry is by far the best player I have used in 2k so far and I do not regret the 317k spent on him at all. He does it all but will not play well for you if all you want him to do is shoot contested threes. The first couple games with him I played like I had played with my Jimmer card and he was terrible. His release is slow and it was very predictable it is important that you play him as a DRIVE FIRST guy and then hit em with that 3pt cheese. He finishes better than anyone I have played with because of his badges and height. He has scored 35+ points for me in the only two games with him and hit multiple clutch shots.

Bought for: 317,000 MT


  • Inside scoring: He has a cheese post fade as expected but he always does those glitchy post move too which combined with the fade is impossible to guard.

  • Dunking: His Attributes are low but he puts people on posters. He dunked over PD Ewing and many other players which surprised me. Since his attributes are low he doesn't do those backscratchers that get blocked.

  • Playmaking: Once Larry gets going people tend to be WIDE open. Surround him with shooters and let him be the playmaker. Could even run at point if you want your opponent to rage quit but would not reccomend because you will probably get the loss (thanks 2k).

  • Free Throws: Nothing needs to be said

  • Outside Scoring: He is cash if open and will scare defenders into jumping every time he catches it. Green Light if open.

  • Defense: This man is Clamps for days, offense probably scared of the moustache.

  • Stamina: This man can play all game and still finish which seems to be the first thing players lose in this game.


  • Speed: Even though he is faster than previous cards he still isn't lightning fast but I put a shoe on and it fixed the problem right away.

  • Rebounding: This really isn't a weakness but haven't really noticed him on the glass.

  • Release: As eveyone always talks about yes his release is slow but it's still very consistant for me. It is sort of like Klay Thompsons but half a second slower. Try it out offline if you are curious.

Recommended Strategy: People are scared of the 99 three ball so take it to the hoop first then make it rain until they dont know what to do.

Other Comments: Run your offense around him, dont fall for the "white boy" stereotype, he takes it to the hoop hard.

Use if: You want someone to run your whole offense around and score at will.

Don't use if: You dont have the cash or have a PD Kobe or some other crazy scorer

Bottom Line: This man is the GOAT.

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