Ricky Rubio ruby card
89 Overall
  • 77 INS
  • 90 OUT
  • 96 PLY
  • 87 ATH
  • 79 DEF
  • 53 REB

Best Budget Passer

Written by LeroyMcCheeks

Ricky Rubio is one of my favorite players in the NBA because I love pass-first PGs who make everyone else around them better. The problem with players like this in 2k is that their passing can't be too effective if they're not also an offensive threat (which is the case with regular Rubio). This card, however, is from Ricky's career high night so he is an offensive weapon as well.

With an amethyst rated open three and pink diamond passing stats this card performs way better than his rating. Also, he is quite good at finishing inside and drawing fouls. But the best thing about this card: his stealing and gold pick-pocket badge. Badged up with gold ankle breaker, dimer, P&R maestro, and break starter (plus the ones he starts with) this card becomes my favorite PG in the game. Slap on some shoes for speed and acceleration or defense and you have a real beast on your hands.

Bought for: 3,250 MT


  • Inside/outside scoring: Great at both finishing with finese and drawing fouls as well as taking open mid- and long- range shots.
  • Passing: As long as you're smart, Rubio will never turn over the ball and his passes will lead guys to the hoop for easy buckets
  • Dribbling animations: It's not talked about much, but having a 99 ball control doesn't mean crap if the player has weak dribble moves. Rubio'a behind the back and hesi dribbles create a ton of space and can get him past anyone.


  • Stamina: His stamina rating is pretty high but it definitely feels like he gets tired quick and regains energy slowly.
  • Athleticism: He's pretty fast with the ball it his general speed doesn't compare favorably with top tier PGs like Kyrie Irving. You can combat this with One Man Fastbreak, though.

Rubio is not for: people who like athletic, dunking PGs like Wall/Westbrook or someone who likes a PG to be their first scoring option

Rubio is for: people who want a floor general who will consistently get you 10 pts, 10 asts, and 5 steals per game but could just as easily double any of those stats depending how you play.

Recommended Strategy: Pair with good scoring bigs and play patient P&R offense - or - surround with fast, athletic guys and play speedy transition ball. Both work really well.

  • Look to pass first but don't be afraid to splash threes if they don't respect your J. Go for lots of steals. Throw flashy passes and lots of alley oops to bruise egoes.

  • Badge this guy up if you expect to keep him for a while. You won't be disappointed.

  • Lastly, I recommend an athletic lockdown defender (also great if they can shoot 3s) to round out your backcourt. I've been running him with cheap rubies that fit that category like Brogdon & Jaylen Brown.

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