'11 Omri Casspi gold card
79 Overall
  • 74 INS
  • 68 OUT
  • 51 PLY
  • 73 ATH
  • 59 DEF
  • 71 REB

Omri is a cheap Must Cop

Written by Ponge02

I have him as my back up SF and that is where he makes the most impact for me, I thought he would be really bad besides shooting the three ball but he is very good all around. His mid range is way better than what it actually says and it feels like all of his rating are Bs

Bought for: 2,000 MT (CHEAP)


  • Three Ball: Of course his 3 is good but the release is really smooth and easy
  • Mid Range: doesn't miss for me
  • Clutch: Can hit some important or hard shots


  • Rebounding: Not the best rebounder
  • Defense: He's okay at defense but it gets the job done
  • Athleticism: Its not too bad for consideration but he can't run the break or throw down an oop

Recommended Strategy: Just catch and shoot. He can also run as a decent PF

Use if: You want a deadeye shooter from a different country Don't use if: You want a athletic Rim rocker who can take contact

Bottom Line: A great shooter who can get the job done

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