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    Milestones This Collection contains
    Magic Johnson cuz they just want to match his jersey color to the card color
    Hal Greer cuz they wanted to introduce him
    Jack Sikma again they to match his color but his skin color actually shows the card color
    Jerry West cuz u know everybody plays with this card cuz of his defense
    Isiah Thomas cuz look dude got 2 rings
    Josh Smith cuz he never had that much of that nice stats
    Carlos Boozer cuz they didn’t any ideas of making their last ruby card in the collection
    Alex English cuz he glitchy and he will reach the milestone in actually breaking the game
    Brook Lopez cuz They didn’t like his laker jersey and hmmmm nice pic
    Earl Monroe cuz they felt bad for the stats off his sapphire last year
    Gerald Monroe cuz he contributed to doing nothing but still received the milestone to get sapphire
    Carmelo Anthony cuz still where is his hoodie
    Shawn Bradley cuz this is cheese material right here
    Ramon Sessions cuz who gives a fuck just add him cuz of his 24 assists
    Tim Duncan cuz Budget Ballers

    And FINALLY.......Kevin Garnett cuz he commentated on the game saying to 2k where is my respect

    This is a very fun reasonable collection nice


    "Gerald Monroe" instead of Gerald Wallace lol


    there is magic finally




    Old asses.