Pau Gasol gold card
97 94 89

Pau Gasol

League / Spurs

General information

C / PF
7'0" (213cm)
250lbs (113kg)
Post Up Low P&R Roll Man


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Pau Gasol gold card

78 Overall

78 Outside scoring

  • 87 Open shot mid
  • 73 Contested shot mid
  • 56 Off dribble shot mid
  • 82 Open shot 3pt
  • 52 Contested shot 3pt
  • 27 Off dribble shot 3pt
  • 91 Shot IQ
  • 68 Free throw
  • 72 Off. consistency

59 Athleticism

  • 51 Speed
  • 37 Acceleration
  • 38 Vertical
  • 72 Strength
  • 81 Stamina
  • 72 Hustle
  • 82 Overall durability

83 Inside scoring

  • 84 Shot close
  • 91 Standing layup
  • 69 Driving layup
  • 77 Standing dunk
  • 55 Driving dunk
  • 27 Contact dunk
  • 69 Draw foul
  • 85 Post control
  • 79 Post hook
  • 78 Post fadeaway
  • 87 Hands

52 Playmaking

  • 40 Ball control
  • 62 Passing accuracy
  • 55 Passing vision
  • 74 Passing IQ
  • 29 Speed with ball

72 Defending

  • 74 On-ball def. IQ
  • 77 Low post def. IQ
  • 76 Pick & roll def. IQ
  • 75 Help def. IQ
  • 32 Lateral quickness
  • 62 Pass perception
  • 82 Reaction time
  • 53 Steal
  • 71 Block
  • 82 Shot contest
  • 77 Def. consistency

79 Rebounding

  • 59 Offensive rebound
  • 85 Defensive rebound
  • 87 Boxout
  • 87 Potential
  • 67 Intangibles
  • 3094 Total attr.

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    Have used him more in just a few hours than I probably have ever used Pau in all previous 2K's I've played, combined. Because I picked the Post Starter Pack.

    And he's been rewarding me with monster scoring. At least 1.5pts per minute, and often over 2ppm. He's just ripping opposing centers up. This is versus CPU, on low difficulty, mind you, but nonetheless: he's a scoring machine for me and I will always remember him fondly.

    And he's actually a pretty decent post defender as well. Just really slow, so make sure he's not getting burned by his assignment sprinting up the court.


    I agree, I play him as a PF to have the post or mid scoring option and to not defend other centers.


    Yeah, this actually works pretty well because the CPU doesn't try to exploit his lack of speed and there really aren't any 4's who can exploit his lack of lateral quickness. And post-up is even easier.

    Lately, I've actually been playing very big (and slow) with Brook Lopez and 5 and Pau at 4. 3-2 post grind.


    Do you have a freelance of choice for this 3-2 post grind system you're running?


    There are times when I'll run 3-2.

    But I just as often prefer to get more spacing. So I'll often just call for a quick post-up or Punch 5 or whatever play for the guy I want to post up.

    But I should also say: in Historic Dom, the MT requirements are high and you can't really play post-up game a lot. Too slow. I've tried doing it with Dirk and just launching into a post-fade immediately to hopefully get the Assist and burn less clock, but it's not reliable enough, even with Seth Curry duo. Maybe I need to practice more.

    But, still, it's too slow. As you get into latter half of Hist Dom, you need to run and gun to an extreme. Even just waiting for the big to get down the floor and post up is wasting time. The best thing to do is to have faster guys who you can fast break cheese with.


    I agree, unfortunately. I love playing slow too, it gave me a lot of success last year on MTO, where everyone wanted to run. I slowed down the tempo and broke their momentum.

    I like a lot to switch gears with my bench and go uptempo, like the Spurs do (did we should say) with Ginobili off the bench: I guess I'll have to run my bench a lot more in Historic Domination


    You might be able to post up for the first 5-10 games of Hist Dom. But I think, after that, it's just too slow.


    True! on alleyoops he always makes them.


    Agreed with all this ^
    Been using him on the pick and pop and hes getting greens over and over, easy release


    He averaged by far the best 3pt% in the league, he deserves at least an 88 open 3


    I remember in NBA2K16, with his Bulls card, if he was wide open, he could knock down threes.
    He was a monster, hopefully he acts the same this year


    his playmaking is too low


    Pau is nailing 3's for me like there's no tomorrow, he's by far my best 3 point shooter


    The Spanish Pride. Him and his brother have really led the best Spanish basketball teams historically

    6 dude I don't really care about it, I mean it's just a comment, but at least @ me next time pls