'04 Jason Williams ruby card
85 81

'04 Jason Williams

Historic / Historic Kings

General information

6'1" (185cm)
190lbs (86kg)
White Chocolate
P&R Ball Handler

Hot Zones


'04 Jason Williams ruby card

88 Overall

84 Outside scoring

  • 89 Open shot mid
  • 80 Contested shot mid
  • 86 Off dribble shot mid
  • 84 Open shot 3pt
  • 72 Contested shot 3pt
  • 74 Off dribble shot 3pt
  • 95 Shot IQ
  • 84 Free throw
  • 90 Off. consistency

88 Athleticism

  • 88 Speed
  • 90 Acceleration
  • 80 Vertical
  • 35 Strength
  • 98 Stamina
  • 85 Hustle
  • 76 Overall durability

75 Inside scoring

  • 88 Shot close
  • 90 Standing layup
  • 88 Driving layup
  • 25 Standing dunk
  • 25 Driving dunk
  • 25 Contact dunk
  • 70 Draw foul
  • 26 Post control
  • 25 Post hook
  • 40 Post fadeaway
  • 93 Hands

95 Playmaking

  • 99 Ball control
  • 96 Passing accuracy
  • 90 Passing vision
  • 98 Passing IQ
  • 96 Speed with ball

75 Defending

  • 81 On-ball def. IQ
  • 32 Low post def. IQ
  • 70 Pick & roll def. IQ
  • 72 Help def. IQ
  • 81 Lateral quickness
  • 60 Pass perception
  • 76 Reaction time
  • 80 Steal
  • 30 Block
  • 76 Shot contest
  • 70 Def. consistency

41 Rebounding

  • 27 Offensive rebound
  • 45 Defensive rebound
  • 50 Boxout
  • 88 Potential
  • 92 Intangibles
  • 3230 Total attr.

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    Why no HOF Flashy passer or ankle breaker? One of the best handlers ever


    99 Ball control ain't to complain about


    Doesn't 2K save HOF for amethyst and higher usually? That might be why considering he's an untradeable Ruby player. Gotta sell packs somehow.


    *Cough Cough* Ruby James Jones *Cough Cough*


    Lmao forgot bout him


    This card is the biggest victim to the fact the driving layups are broken. Can get to the hoop with ease but cant finish for the life of him. Shooting 27% from the field for me, 38% from 3 tho


    Make sure to have vibration on. It'll buzz when to release. I have been dominating since I learned about it.


    Helps so much, found out about in practice, I had thought that it just vibrated with contact


    If you want a pg to score dont get him. If you want a playmaker who can drop dimes and do showtime he is your men.


    When you get some chocolate but it aint white


    This card looks great, but if you just complete Domination and Historic Domination, you can Jo Jo White and Fat Lever, so I don't' think it is worth completing the set. Unless you want Bibby, but then is he better than Jo Jo or Fat?


    I have Lintendo, White Choc, Jet, and Ruby Harden. You got to use your point guards to their 'archetype'. Don't expect White Chocolate to be a scorer/finisher/ shooter. He is a pure playmaker. He is a player you get into space or near the rim and kick the ball out to open shooters or drop off to the big man if your user comes and tries to play the ball, they leave their man and you throw that quick pass into their hands. He comes in still for me as a change of pace and someone I can rely on to make my other offensive players become better and I play push the pace with him in because he is most effective in transtition throwing deep outlets and penetrating and kicking off picks


    people giving this card a bad rep but ive had him since pretty much october and is still my starting pg. He averages like 3 ppg on 1.5 shots or something like that, and 12 asts. instead of trying to score with him, take advantage of dimer and pnr maestro. i run j terry at the 2 and hes dropping 40 a game off of j will's passes.


    How much is this set? I have 110k but I'm not tryna drop 20k on a ruby


    I'm doing rn it's only like 12k if you're impatient.. if you wait on buds then less than 10k


    Damn where you get all this MT? I only got 2K and I'm trying to build my team


    I haven't bought any vc I just played domination at the beginning of the year when the cards were going for a lot and I also sniped a little bit but most of the mt is from domination but now I have 220k also don't spend all of your mt on players if you don't need to, I would save up now because later you're gonna regret not saving up for some diamonds and instead buying rubies/sapphires


    pre order vc...go thru domination after doing like 5 or 6 first games of the schedule mode to stack some contracts then grind dom without buying players or anything. thats the best way to stack in my opinion as of now. ( plus use guys u dont use to complete weekly challenges to keep the players u like with max potential contracts


    Loved this dude back in the day. Was really important for D-Wades 2004 Heat team and so clean, not his urine, but play for Billy D @FloridaGators when he got to UF. YouTube his highlights in H.S. played w\Randy Moss...in that E:60 RandU special.


    does the flashy passer badge increase accuracy % or teammates chances of hitting the shot?


    No dimer increases it not flashy , but I notice if you throw a flashy at the right time even if you take a contested shot it has a higher probability of dropping


    Best dribble animations in the game


    his play-making abilities aren't as good as they should be.


    100 Flashy pass...


    That pixture defines greatness


    He's not doing a flashy pass, he's flexing his muscles!


    I left a comment saying that this card is actually not bad and giving it the benefit of the doubt but I just completed regular dom and I've moved him to my bench because of the way he played in the games against the all star teams and I didn't even select a new pg, im just running rip Hamilton at the 1 cause I'm so fed up with Williams. This card is god awful at scoring inside with a defender in the way for 84 driving layup, will miss 10-10 times and not draw a foul once. He is also horrendous on defense. He is awful when it comes to pressuring to push the pace, he will get confused 100% of the time he has to rotate on a p/r and on off ball screens, he will require a magnifying glass and a map to locate the player he has to gaurd.

    If you're going to buy this card for the same reason I did, "cause it's Jason Williams and that's dope" then for the love of god, take my word and put your mt towards Jason terry or Derek fisher

    If you have the my and feel like just blowing racks on the kings collection, which is also quite expensive considering fox and some other silvers, then go ahead but please don't expect much from this card


    It’s for play making not scoring, what did you expect


    What does your team look like? Because if you use him primarily as a scorer I can see why you'd have problems, but if you have more capable scorers in your starting 5 then by all means use them. I run Williams with sapphire Gerald Green, amethyst Artest, sapphire Serge and ruby Shaq, and he balls for me


    I don't really take guards to the paint in this game unless they have insane dunk tendencies. Layups are too broken this year to try it. As a mostly spot up shooter and playmaker for me he's averaged 11.8 and 7, shooting 47% from the field and 45% from 3. Depends how you use him. He's my favorite card at the moment, maybe besides Gerald Greens emerald