Victor Oladipo amethyst card
99 99 96 89 83 81 79 74

General information

6'4" (193cm)
210lbs (95kg)
P&R Ball Handler 3 PT Handoff

Hot Zones


Victor Oladipo amethyst card

94 Overall

94 Outside scoring

  • 95 Open shot mid
  • 95 Contested shot mid
  • 95 Off dribble shot mid
  • 94 Open shot 3pt
  • 94 Contested shot 3pt
  • 94 Off dribble shot 3pt
  • 92 Shot IQ
  • 95 Free throw
  • 98 Offensive consistency

89 Inside scoring

  • 95 Shot close
  • 97 Standing layup
  • 97 Driving layup
  • 35 Standing dunk
  • 98 Driving dunk
  • 97 Contact dunk
  • 97 Draw foul
  • 40 Post control
  • 41 Post hook
  • 53 Post fadeaway
  • 84 Hands

92 Athleticism

  • 93 Speed
  • 93 Acceleration
  • 97 Vertical
  • 66 Strength
  • 90 Stamina
  • 85 Hustle
  • 84 Overall durability

92 Playmaking

  • 89 Speed with ball
  • 90 Ball control
  • 92 Passing accuracy
  • 93 Passing vision
  • 93 Passing IQ

92 Defending

  • 92 On-ball defense IQ
  • 48 Low post defense IQ
  • 90 Help defense IQ
  • 90 Pick & roll defense IQ
  • 98 Lateral quickness
  • 96 Pass perception
  • 84 Reaction time
  • 96 Steal
  • 55 Block
  • 84 Shot contest
  • 80 Defensive consistency

50 Rebounding

  • 34 Offensive rebound
  • 58 Defensive rebound
  • 42 Boxout
  • 3798 Total attr.

Outside Scoring

Tireless Scorer

A player who can spend a good deal of energy without losing effectiveness when attempting to score.

Catch & Shoot

Hits stand-still shots off the catch at a high percentage.

Corner Specialist

Known for his ability to knock down threes from the corner.

Mid-Range Deadeye

Knocks down the contested shots from medium-range at very high percentage.

Deep Range Deadeye

Knocks down contested shots from deep range at a very high percentage.

Limitless Range

Can knock down very deep threes better than most.

Difficult Shots

Known for making tough shots off the dribble.

Inside Scoring

Relentless Finisher

Takes physical punishment on contact shots near the rim without severely impacting his energy.


Can attempt layups with few consequences.

Tear Dropper

Excels at making floaters and runners


Ankle Breaker

Can cause his defender to stumble or fall with his dribble moves.

Flashy Passer

Known for throwing on-point flashy passes to his receivers.

Break Starter

Starts fast breaks with accurate outlet passes.

Pick & Roll Maestro

Throws accurate passes and hits shots off screens at a high percentage while orchestrating a pick & roll.

Lob City Passer

Completes alley-oop passes at a high rate.


An elite passer known for hitting teammates in the correct position to score.



Will succeed at dunking on opposing defenders more often than others.

One Man Fast Break

Excels at taking the ball coast to coast on a fast break.

Lob City Finisher

Catches and finishes alley-oops better than others.


Pick Pocket

Known for his ability to strip the ball from a ball-handler.

Defensive Stopper

While playing on-ball defense, this badge drops various offensive skills of similarly positioned match-ups.

Charge Card

Adept at placing himself in position to win charge calls.

Pick Dodger

A slithery player who can get around screens easily.

Chase Down Artist

Terrific transition shot-blocker.



Alpha Dog

Team leader who takes it upon himself to lead his team to victory.

Clutch Performer

Steps his game up in big games and big moments.

Spark Plug

Comes off the bench or comes out of timeouts making big plays that can energize his teammates.


A player who heats up quicker than most.

Floor General

An offensive leader who can help his teammates play better on offense while he's on the floor

Defensive Anchor

Defensive leader who helps his teammates perform better defensively.

Legendary Work Ethic

First one to the gym, last one to leave and the hardest worker at all times.


Can be erratic in his behavior.


  • 40 Standing dunk
  • 100 Driving dunk
  • 100 Flashy dunk
  • 45 Alley-oop
  • 20 Putback dunk
  • 88 Crash


  • 30 Standing layup
  • 55 Driving layup
  • 50 Spin layup
  • 45 Hop step layup
  • 30 Euro step layup
  • 60 Floater

Jump shooting

  • 28 Step through shot
  • 17 Shot under basket
  • 60 Shot close
  • 1 Shot close left
  • 3 Shot close middle
  • 1 Shot close right
  • 20 Shot mid
  • 55 Spot up shot mid
  • 48 Off screen shot mid
  • 40 Shot 3pt
  • 45 Spot up shot 3pt
  • 40 Off screen shot 3pt
  • 50 Contested jumper mid
  • 34 Contested jumper 3pt
  • 30 Stepback jumper mid
  • 5 Stepback jumper 3pt
  • 20 Spin jumper
  • 8 Transition pull up 3pt
  • 10 Drive pull up 3pt
  • 35 Drive pull up mid
  • 15 Use glass

Drive setup

  • 45 Triple threat pump fake
  • 45 Triple threat jab step
  • 20 Triple threat idle
  • 45 Triple threat shoot
  • 10 Setup with sizeup
  • 10 Setup with hesitation
  • 30 No setup dribble


  • 60 Drive
  • 65 Spot up drive
  • 60 Off screen drive
  • 75 Drive right
  • 15 Driving crossover
  • 0 Driving spin
  • 0 Driving step back
  • 0 Driving half spin
  • 0 Driving double crossover
  • 5 Driving behind the back
  • 25 Driving dribble hesitation
  • 0 Driving in and out
  • 35 No driving dribble move
  • 55 Attack strong on drive


  • 67 Shoot
  • 72 Touches
  • 55 Roll vs. pop
  • 0 Transition spot up
  • 0 Iso vs. elite defender
  • 0 Iso vs. good defender
  • 25 Iso vs. average defender
  • 45 Iso vs. poor defender
  • 75 Play discipline

Post game

  • 15 Post up
  • 0 Post shimmy shot
  • 0 Post face up
  • 0 Post back down
  • 0 Post aggressive backdown
  • 75 Shoot from post
  • 0 Post hook left
  • 4 Post hook right
  • 14 Post fade left
  • 8 Post fade right
  • 0 Post up and under
  • 20 Post hop shot
  • 0 Post step back shot
  • 25 Post drive
  • 0 Post spin
  • 0 Post drop step
  • 0 Post hop step


  • 50 Dish to open man
  • 25 Flashy pass
  • 5 Alley oop pass


  • 65 Pass interception
  • 16 Take charge
  • 46 On-ball steal
  • 89 Contest shot
  • 18 Block shot
  • 48 Foul
  • 65 Hard foul


1, written by Baloon321


-5, written by Victor_Oladipo

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    That isn't even a debate


    When you realize you have been banned for a week and when you come back tons of cards have been released


    Milk In (my) Pussy


    Kuzma is MIP of 2k


    went from bronze to Ruby

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    tie with oladipo


    oladipo skipped gold and sapphire




    kuz didn't skip any tiers




    so kuz is MIP of 2k My Team




    if kuz started from silver this season and did he would be an amythest. If oladipo started from silver (Which he did) without skipping tiers he would only be a sapphire


    donovan mitchell


    ingram is runner up


    it should be Randle too sort of

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    Only if he played how he did now for the whole season


    No runner up is Damian Lillard

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    wym lillard hes always been good


    damian always does this he has an ok first half then goes off in the second half of the season


    Agree but his second half has been significantly better than his others


    still not as improved as ingram


    I know yall not saying this. People stay sleeping on Kyle singler. he's the MIP


    lemme guess ur a thunder fan


    Ingram hasn't even been that good and he isn't even the best forward on his team


    bro he's been the most consistent player on the Lakers u would know that if would getch yo ass off 2k and watch some basketball


    aaron gordon


    bro Aaron Gordon was good for the start of the season he's gone way down since then


    I agree. He’s gotten better, but has to improve more on everything, especially consistency. As an example, he’ll drop 25 one game and 17 the next

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    Spencer DInwiddie

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    yeah i forgot about him


    Victor is the perfect example that some players need different roles than others. You can't take a Lion out of the forest and put him in a cage and expect him to hunt the same.


    I bet he's not the only person who would turn into an allstar if he had his own team


    Oh Jesus the cheese that is about to come


    drive and dunk cheese


    2 whole teams passed up on him, this man came a far way


    fucking Westbrook


    when u an amethyst shooting guard and have a higher block rating than Diamond LeBron


    not as bad as Kuzma and Stojakovic getting 80s when Kuzma averages less than half a block per game and Peja literally never averaged higher than 0.3 per game his entire career. And Ben Simmons got a 94. 94. That's better than they gave most centers and he's a rookie averaging like 0.8 a game. Absolute garbage as always 2k. Jermaine O'Neal averaged over 2 a game throughout his prime and only got a 61 and Paul Millsap averaged 1.7 as a 6'8 power forward and only got a 60 something. I really don't want to play this game anymore it's just sad how simulation it is.


    It's so Peja and Kuz can be ran at pf without getting ass blasted


    fax thanks man


    The Black Panther is here!!!


    Shuri: Did he freeze?
    Okoye: Like an antelope in headlights.
    M'Baku: If you say one more word, I'll feed you to my children!
    [Ross shuts up, beat]
    M'Baku: I'm kidding. We're vegetarians.
    T'Challa: Wakanda will no longer watch from the shadows. We can not. We must not. We will work to be an example of how we, as brothers and sisters on this earth, should treat each other. Now, more than ever, the illusions of division threaten our very existence. We all know the truth: more connects us than separates us. But in times of crisis the wise build bridges, while the foolish build barriers. We must find a way to look after one another, as if we were one single tribe.
    T'Challa: We can still heal you...
    Erik Killmonger: Why, so you can lock me up? Nah. Just bury me in the ocean with my ancestors who jumped from ships, 'cause they knew death was better than bondage.
    Everett K. Ross: [after he wakes up] Is this Wakanda?
    Shuri: [sarcastically] No, it's Kansas.
    Shuri: Don't scare me like that, coloniser!
    Okoye: Just remember, don't freeze when you see her.
    T'Challa: Whatcha taking about? I never freeze.
    Ulysses Klaue: Tell me something. What do you know about Wakanda?
    Everett K. Ross: It's a Third-World country. Textiles, shepherds, cool outfits.
    Ulysses Klaue: All a front. Explorers have searched for it, called it "El Dorado". They looked for it in South America, but it was in Africa the whole time. I'm the only one who's seen it, and made it out alive.
    King T'Chaka: [to his son] You are a good man, with a good heart. And it's hard for a good man to be a king.
    T'Challa: I did not yield! And as you can see, I am not dead! The challenge continues!
    W'Kabi: Would you kill me, my love?
    Okoye: For Wakanda... no question
    Young Oakland Kid: It's a Bugatti Spaceship.
    Shuri: [after Everett Ross is wheeled in Wakandan facilities to be healed] Praise! Another broken white boy to fix.
    T'Challa: What happens now determines what happens to the rest of the world.
    Nakia: [to T'Challa] You cannot let your father's actions define your life. You get to decide what kind of king you want to be.
    Everett K. Ross: [T'Challa leaves a craps table] Hey, you won!
    Thirsty Gambler: You know what? I'm just going to take these chips and set them over here.
    Okoye: Guns... so primitive!
    Everett K. Ross: [to T'Challa] I have seen gods fly. I have seen men build weapons that I couldn't even imagine. I have seen aliens drop from the sky. But I have never seen anything like this. How much more are you hiding?
    T'Challa: I am not ready, baba.
    King T'Chaka: Have you not spent so many years by my side, watching and learning, preparing for this day?
    T'Challa: That is not what I meant. I am not ready to be without you.
    King T'Chaka: A man who has not prepared his children for his own death has failed as a father.
    Erik Killmonger: I've waited my whole life for this. The world's going to start over. I'MA BURN IT ALL!
    Everett K. Ross: Does she speak English?
    Okoye: When she wants to.
    Okoye: Wakanda forever!
    Erik Killmonger: Hi auntie.
    [Shuri drives a car and runs over someone]
    Shuri: What was that?
    T'Challa: Don't worry about it, you're doing fine!
    Shuri: [about T'Challa's sandals] What are those?
    W'Kabi: You would kill me my love?
    Okoye: For Wakanda? Without Question.
    Everett K. Ross: Why don't you give me the name of your supplier and I'll ask him
    Ulysses Klaue: He's right outside this very moment.
    Everett K. Ross: Quite the entourage, do you have a mixtape coming out?
    Ulysses Klaue: Actually yeah there is, I'll send you the Sound cloud
    [to his guard]
    Ulysses Klaue: do you have the link?
    [first lines]
    N'Jadaka: Tell me a story, baba.
    N'Jobu: What story, my son?
    N'Jadaka: About home.
    N'Jobu: Millions of years ago, a meteorite made of vibranium, the strongest substance in the universe, struck the continent of Africa, affecting the plant life around it. And when the time of men came, five tribes settled on it and called it Wakanda. The tribes lived in constant war with each other, until a warrior shaman received a vision from the panther goddess Bast, who led him to the Heart-Shaped Herb, a plant that granted him superhuman strength, speed and instincts. The warrior became king and the first Black Panther, the protector of Wakanda. Four tribes agreed to live under the king's rule, but the Jabari tribe isolated themselves in the mountains. The Wakandans used vibranium to develop technology more advanced than any other nation, but as Wakanda thrived, the world around it descended further into chaos. To keep vibranium safe, the Wakandans vowed to hide in plain sight, keeping the truth of their power from the outside world.
    T'Challa: If you weren't so stubborn, you would make a great queen.
    Nakia: I would make a great queen. because I am so stubborn
    T'Challa: My suit is good.
    Shuri: Old tech. Functional, but old. "People are shooting at me - wait, let me put my helmet on!"
    Shuri: This corset is really uncomfortable, so can we all just wrap it up and go home?
    Shuri: It's like riding a hover-bike.
    Everett K. Ross: You have hover-bikes?
    M'Baku: Witness the strength of the Jabari... first-hand!
    [picks up W'Kabi and throws him into the field surrounding the Wakandans]
    [in Oakland]
    Shuri: When you said you'd bring me to California when I was a kid, I thought you meant Coachella, or Disneyland. Where are we?
    T'Challa: This is the building where our uncle lived, where our father killed him.
    Shuri: [sees a condemnation notice] They're tearing it down. Good.
    T'Challa: They are not tearing it down, not anymore. I bought the building. And that one... and that one.
    T'Challa: [freezes] Nakia... hi.
    [Okoye appears and saves TChalla]
    Okoye: You froze.
    N'Jobu: No tears for me, son?
    Erik Killmonger: People die every day. That's just part of life around here.
    T'Challa: What do you want?
    Erik Killmonger: I want the throne!
    Ramonda: My son, it is your time.
    [post-credits scene: in a small village at Wakanda, Bucky comes out of a hut. He looks around. A group of children call him "White Wolf". He approaches Shuri]
    Shuri: Good morning, Sergeant Barnes.
    Bucky Barnes: Bucky.
    Shuri: How are you feeling?
    Bucky Barnes: Good.
    Bucky Barnes: Thank you.
    Shuri: Come.
    [Shuri starts walking away]
    Shuri: Much more for you to learn.
    [Bucky pauses for a moment, looking at the landscape, then follows Shuri]
    Okoye: [to Killmonger] You are so full of hatred, you will never be a true king!
    Erik Killmonger: [to T'Challa] Wassup, cuz?
    Erik Killmonger: When I tell you to do something, I mean that shit.
    Ulysses Klaue: You... you want to go to Wakanda? They're savages!
    [shows scarred brand]
    Ulysses Klaue: This is what they do to people like us.
    Erik Killmonger: I don't worry about no brand. Check these out. Each one is for a kill.
    [shows scars on his arms]
    Ulysses Klaue: You can scar yourself as much as you like. To them, you'll just be an outsider. Your crazy to think that you can just walk in there. And to think I saw you as a crazy American...
    [Klaue laughs, Killmonger shoots Klaue in the head]
    Everett K. Ross: [to Klaw] That is quite the entourage!
    Erik Killmonger: Y'all sittin' up here comfortable.
    Nakia: It is my duty to fight for who I... for the things I love.
    Okoye: I am loyal to that throne, no matter WHO sits on it.
    T'Challa: You will destroy the world, Wakanda included!
    Erik Killmonger: The world took everything away from me! Everything I ever loved! But I'ma make sure we're even. I'ma track down anyone who would even think of being loyal to you! And I'ma put their ass in the dirt, right next to Zuri!
    Erik Killmonger: Wassup, princess?
    [attacks Shuri]
    Shuri: You will never be king of Wakanda!
    Nakia: [to Ross] The king is dead. Come with me if you don't want to join him!
    T'Challa: [on saving Ross] I will not abandon someone to die, when I have the means to save his life.
    Ulysses Klaue: [blasts a safe and sends the money falling everywhere] I made it rain!
    [being interrogated by Ross]
    Ulysses Klaue: I can see you!
    [TChalla glares at Klaue behind a screen]
    T'Challa: This ends today!
    King T'Chaka: [to his brother] Did you think you were the only spy we sent to the States?
    [Zuri reveals himself]
    T'Challa: Baba...
    [falls to his knees]
    King T'Chaka: Stand up! You are a king!
    W'Kabi: You let the refugees in, you let in all their problems.
    [Killmonger is going to kill T'Challa]
    Zuri: I had your father killed! Take me.
    Erik Killmonger: I'ma take you both, Uncle James!
    [kills Zuri]
    T'Challa: NOOOO!
    Ulysses Klaue: [sees T'Challa] You look just like your old man.
    [Killmonger takes a Dora Milaje hostage, Okoye hesitates]
    Dora Milaje: Wakanda forever!
    [Killmonger cuts her throat, Okoye screams and attacks him]
    Ulysses Klaue: Let's have some fun!
    [opens fire on his pursuers]
    N'Jobu: I observed for as long as I could. Their leaders have been assassinated. Communities flooded with drugs and weapons. They are overly policed and incarcerated. All over the planet, our people suffer because they don't have the tools to fight back. With vibranium weapons they can overthrow all countries, and Wakanda can rule them all, the right way!
    W'Kabi: The world is changing. Soon there will only be the conquered and the conquerors. I'd rather be the former.
    Erik Killmonger: Helluva move
    Everett K. Ross: My intel reports that the chunk of vibranium you took was all that Wakanda had.
    Ulysses Klaue: [laughs, then gets serious] I took that chunk of vibranium out of a MOUNTAIN of the stuff!
    Okoye: Wakanda survived for so long by only fighting when absolutely necessary.
    Everett K. Ross: He
    [Erik Killmonger]
    Everett K. Ross: worked with our CIA to destabilize foreign governments... during election cycles.
    Everett K. Ross: Erik Stevens. Graduated Annapolis aged nineteen, MIT for grad school. Joined the SEALs and went straight to Afghanistan, where he wrapped up confirmed kills like it was a video game. Started calling him Killmonger. He joined a J-SOC ghost unit, now these guys are serious, they would drop off the grid so they could commit assassinations and take down governments.
    M'Baku: Glory to Hanuman


    How I am supposed to read all this.

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    Lol, i was bored


    BLACK PANTHER Best and most anticipated movie from Marvel of 2018

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    The Pacers may have blown a 26 point lead, but don't let that distract you from the fact that Lightning Mcqueen blew a 3 lap lead in the Piston Cup.


    LeBron and those other guys no one cares about also blew a 26 point lead.


    He is so good yet people still don’t look at him


    Exactly! He deserves all the hype too. He's truly amazing at what he does


    The love this man receives from Indiana fans is amazing, and he deserves ALL of it


    When you trying to decide whether to have doughnut or cheeseburger


    perfect guard for today’s game


    all-star oladipo, where have you been all these months


    The trade to Indiana was truly great for him. I feel like this move has made him better as a player, and that he will be with this underdog team for many more years to come


    One of the best all-around players in the league. Leads league in steals and almost has one block per game.


    incoming paul george and thunder fans


    VIC is the G.O.A.T


    when you tryin to run outta the bank vault and the cop say "freeze!"


    Would of been cool if we could've seen him play like this with the magic, Such a good player.


    if he played his true position maybe he would have been good


    jaycanada just creamed his underwear


    I currently have amethyst Donovan Mitchell, when his price drops who should I go with.


    Dipo. His dribbling animations are better


    lmao he just made another meme face


    I knew he's gonna be good, but this good?! I said it since the last 2 minutes battle OKC-ORL with all those clutch shots!


    MIP don't even try to debate


    Damn, he got me with his right hand!


    Has the ability to score inside, outside, playmake, and defend, looks like an all-around beast


    Well, that trade went pretty well for the Pacers in all honesty. I've pretty much said that they will win the trade because of how Oladipo's been performing this season. 2018 NBA MIP for sure


    And Paul George is not gonna stay with the thunder


    russ was holding him back


    Magic Oladipo? No one held him back, he just got better.


    Yea fr I hated the old magic gm he was a complete dumbass


    Bro this card is thick in all the right places lol