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    this is the first time ever that these cards aren't on MTDB yet

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    Wait, this is a late April Fools joke right? Wouldn't surprise me, considering 2kmtc is late on pretty much everything.



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    i see the community hasnt learned since last year, picking derrick rose who ALREADY has a diamond to get a pink diamond, i dont even pay 2k and this just frustrated me bruh nostalgia freaks smh.


    Holy shit.

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    When Lonzo reaches 99 but MJ, LeBron,Kareem and Wilt won't get one

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    Hey mods 1st April was yesterday...

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    Late April fools?? like tf is with all these 99's

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    Lonzo is overrated

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    Still no trey burke

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    lmao wtf is wrong with you people rose is 10x better than lonzo

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    @Air_Jordan what does this mean?, double locker code, or one is the code and the other is from supermax?

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    Lonzo won cause of the Hype - plus he´s a diffrent Type of PG.
    Who didnt knew this from the start?
    The Lonzo btw. was like exclusiv for you "Oversea Guys" - The usual european Player was @ sleep that time So still THX 2K....
    May my Amy Westbrook shut down the Zo #Pray
    And yo 2K did a huge update what about you Mr.Central!?

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    Good joke, Rose is better at everything except for rebounding which is useless for a point guard


    I know Lonzo’s release is a bit whack irl, but Rose’s shoot is whack in the game & Lonzo’s is butter. Lonzo’s also 6’6, so if I had a choice (double lockercode), I’d go Lonzo first. I’ve had Rose’s diamond for a few weeks and he just wasn’t cutting it. He couldn’t catch-and-shoot like I need him too and he couldn’t drive on the people running SG/SFs at the point.

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    so drose has better stats than lonzo....
    eh lonzo still winning


    Stfu the only reason Drose ain't good is cuz of his injuries he is a former MVP and what accolades does Lonzo have. Oh yeah being one of the worst shooters in the league.