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New Dynamic Duos

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    P.J Tucker and Trevor Ariza are both looking at each other, and Tucker looks like the disgruntled wife and Trevor looks like the husband who was just eating MTN Dew and Doritos


    NO CP3?!?!?!?!?!?!?! DA FUGG


    Feels like 2k is trying harder to get publicity from card drops outside of the 2k community for brand recognition than actually trying to make fun content. The CEO should be replaced with someone who actually enjoys video games and isn't a money grubbing prick.

    Harden and Paul combine for more points in the 2nd quarter than the WHOLE GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS TEAM and we get these two cards? Tucker went 0-2 from the 3pt line and he gets a dynamic duo 98 3ball with HOF corner specialist? There's been a lot of dumb cards this year and even more missed opportunities, but this is ridiculous...


    These cards are from the game before


    They didnt drop a chris paul bcuz they waiting to release his finals mvp 99 and harden already has a 99


    I expected more than just 2 cards for this update but that's better than nothing I guess


    Why do jersey colors look different?


    trevor ariza diamond, look at the game for stats


    So I guess that 2k is just completely against giving Tristan Thompson a moments card??? Sad, real sad...

    -2 2k is officialy gone shit now. What kind of crap is this