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    2k: Hey guys we dropped limited pink diamond Kobe's and Yao's.
    2k community: We want cards to be put out on a consistent level that are actually useable and aren't just stealing our mt.
    2k: Hey we're going to give you a way better version of PD Kobe (that's a diamond) another J.R Smith that has better badges than his amethyst and give you another Yao Ming with almost identical stats to his PD. Another thing we're going to give you Leandro Barbosa and his aids jumpshot. Also we're going to give you 2 inside centers and 3 Three and D players that don't have high dunk ratings. One last thing we're gonna give you another Andrei Kirilenko that is going to be easier to get.


    I'm confused...what exactly do you WANT them to do?

    Just make up FAKE players?

    They only have licensing rights to so many players...

    Your comment makes no sense....and MyTeam players like you are part of the reason this mode is AWFUL.

    All you want is more and more unrealistic overpowered unstoppable cheeser want more Devin Booker cards that make shots from half court.

    Just call this mode NBA Jam 2K19 next season...

    The fact is there is TONS of content in this mode...the PROBLEM is the little crybabies and millennial d-bags who play it only want super-cheesed cards that NEVER miss a shot.

    If the community actually wanted REAL content...we wouldn't see complaints like this. But they don't...they want NBA Jam cards.

    NBA rosters have 15 guys...and 2K only has so many licenses to retired players...even with those limitations this mode BLOWS AWAY the content in modes like MUT.


    IMO my comment made absolute sense, 2k can never be balanced but there are surely somethings they can fix. They gave us a Kobe with the best badges in the game for a guard and is way better than the PD. How would people with PD Yao and Kobe feel. How would people feel about Leandro Barbosa and how he is almost unusable. In fact I honestly don't even think you understand what I'm talking about. I'm talking about how NBA 2k hasn't reached where we want it to be, MyCareer and MyTeam are basically pay to win, I never said I want T-Mac or KD-esque cards. I said "We want cards that are actually useable in this gamemode." meaning I want cards to play like they do in real life, Leandro Barbosa could shoot lights out and was an offensive beast but not in this game. I've never seen Kobe pull from the logo or Yao Ming take a 3 (even though without a 3 ball he'd still be dominant in 2k). You going on about how the 2k community wants the most unrealistic cards is actually cancerous, you took nothing from my comment into account. What I'm saying is 2k gave us cards that have no unique spin on them " 3 and d players with high dunk ratings" and how inside centers get abused way too easily. Just because there is tons of content in this game doesn't mean that all of it is usable or good. Do you finally understand? (Honestly I don't know why you brought up millenials being d-bags and stuff but that honestly makes even worse of a person.)


    clicked on fast, was like wow some good cards


    All time Heat team is awesome now


    Where is 99 Lebron or Miami heat Lebron


    They need to hurry up and give Malcolm Brogdon a card


    I actually agree with you for once.


    all throwback cards


    Where TF the Drose duo that makes him a PD?


    I fully expect a PD LeBron from the Celtics series, as well as an Amethyst Jeff Green for Celtics game 7. If not, dang.


    Players who they still need:
    Dave Cowens
    Kendrick Perkins
    Paul Pressey
    Dan Issel

    Players who need better versions:
    Patty Mills
    Kyle Anderson
    Clint Capela
    LeBron James
    Derrick Favors
    Rudy Gobert
    Robert Covington
    Elvin Hayes
    Dennis Rodman
    Bill Walton
    Malcolm Brogdon
    Myles Turner


    Sucks for people who didn't sell their 97 diamond Kobe


    that kobe is new best card in game

    -2 everyone who loves rapists can have the GOAT on their squad.

    In this day and age of #MeToo...I'm still confused as to how Kobe seems to be getting a pass on his past.


    Kobe never raped anyone you fucking cock tickler that girl was just tryna get money or else he would be in jail THE AUDACITY to disrespect him like that shut the fuck up with this nonsense


    I expect a Patty Mills too come out soon