'91 Jerome Kersey ruby card
89 Overall
  • 81 INS
  • 79 OUT
  • 59 PLY
  • 83 ATH
  • 82 DEF
  • 79 REB


Written by sean

I was really doubting myself for getting this card. Last year for me, he was very sub-par and could not do what his stats told me he could do. This year, however, I realized that dunking is really OP and last year it wasn't at all. So I picked up this guy thinking that he would be average at best and just be a good role player. BOY WAS I WRONG! THIS GUY IS AVERAGING 24 PPG for me against the HOF CPU in historic domination( I picked Fat Lever and he is PERFECT for my teammates, especially Kersey.)! Here are my thoughts on him as of now!

Bought for: 18k MT


  • Inside scoring: Easily the best ruby finisher in the game. Sorry Dominique, but his dunks and finishing ability tops yours by quite a bit. He dunks over 60% of defenders(the other 40% include 12% Bullshit finishing animations and release bar glitched layups, and 28% contested af layups that go in because the badges are op on him) and will do some NASTY animations half of the time. His layups are just as good for some reason, even in traffic. His post moves are alright as well. Overall 9.5 out of 10 for his inside game.

  • Athleticism: HOLY SHIT is he athletic! He can rebound, dunk, keep up on defense, and block very well because of his amazing athleticism! Only downside on athleticism is that he seems to get tired fairly quickly compared to my other starters. Maybe its just because hes always wrecking scrubs inside and bodying people. 8.8/10 for his Athletic ability.

  • Shooting: His stats are pretty accurate for his shooting actually, but his stats are good. The reason he is so good at shooting is because of his release. His mid range is cash 80% of the time he has some nice space, and his 3 goes in 40% of the time, but he is clutch as shit from 3 so keep that in mind. His release is easy to time, but for some reason its impossible to get greens with anyone in this game. I get a green like 25% of the time with him, which is great. DO NOT rely on him for 3s as that is not his game. 7.8/10 for his shooting skill.

  • Free throw + animation: This guy averages 5 FTA per game for me and drains like 4.5 FT a game for me. He draws fouls like 90% of the time you take a bad layup animation with him in traffic. His free throw release is also super easy to time and green. His rating is like a 78 but it feels like an 85 or even a 90. Very good for end game situations for free throws! 9/10 for his free throw.

  • Defense: He is pretty much Dennis Rodman on defense. He is quick and has amazing defensive stats for a small forward. He clamps every SF in game even my most recent superstar SF Dr.J. He rarely ever lets any player by him on defense and is pretty good at post D as well. He isnt as good as Rodman on defense on the post, but probably as good or even better on perimeter D. 8.7/10 on defense.

  • Price: As of right now he is one of the cheapest current set to do. Since Lillard and C.J are in that set, it was a bit pricey but besides that everyone was below 1.5k mt. Very great value and you get some good shooters with Lillard and C.J as well. 9.5/10 for price.

  • Rebounding: For some reason when he is in the paint, he seems to grab almost every rebound, even offensive ones. Right now he is averaging like 4 boards per game for me and 1.4 offensive boards. Pretty fucking good for someone who barely even goes for boards in the first place. 8.4/10 on rebounding.

  • Playmaking: Stats lie. Only things he cant do on passing which seems to be everyone's problem is passing out of shots and making super long passes. He finds open people on the perimeter and even in the paint very often for some reason and connects on every pass. Very solid playmaker for the 3 spot! 8.2/10 for his awesome playmaking!

Not Great or bad:

  • System Proficiency: He has 2 90+s and the rest are 60s and 70s. Not bad, but not great. His 90s are Balanced and Defense.


  • Name value: Since barely anyone knows who he is, no one is gonna use him sadly. I am making this review to help this man's only weakness. This is part of the reason he is cheap, but it sucks because he is so freaking good. This isn't even a huge weakness, it just makes me kind of sad that no one is gonna get this card because they THINK Dominique is way better then him because of his name...

Recommended Strategy: ISO, 5 out, and fast breaks. He excels at scoring in those 3 strategies.

Other Comments: (optional) He plays better then Dominique and pretty much every other ruby player available now.

Use if: You want someone that can stick around for potentially months and need an all around beast that can game in and game out lead your team to easy wins with amazing scoring performances.

Don't use if: You don't think he is gonna be staying on your team for long or you cant afford him.

Bottom Line: He can CARRY a team. Get him if you want your life to be easier. Also right after I finish this review I got 31 points 13-17 shooting 1-1 from 3 and 4-4 from ft, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists with him. What a stud. Also he held raptors Tmac to 4 points.

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