'03 Kerry Kittles ruby card
88 Overall
  • 81 INS
  • 89 OUT
  • 67 PLY
  • 82 ATH
  • 83 DEF
  • 45 REB

Cheap lights out shooter!

Written by TitanicShark

Bought for: Completed the Nets set for around 12,500 MT


  • Outside scoring: Knockdown! Has that base 92 Open Three and 93 Middie, but with my system proficiency, he gets a 98 Middie and 97 Three. Not to mention his easy to green jumper. Gold badges are huge at this point in the game and he comes with 6 great shooting badges. He just does not miss open shots.
  • Inside Scoring: Finishes a lot of layups for me but doesn't dunk all that often. When he does dunk he has basic animations so he doesn't get blocked that much. His 75 draw foul is good enough to get to the line where he's just about automatic.
  • Defense: His high 80 stats can help you play great defense on any card and his 85 steal is nice. Has not gotten beat that often for me even with on ball defense being as tough as it is this year.


  • Rebounding: His rebounding stats are low but he is a shooting guard so he won't be in position anyways.
  • Playmaking: Can be slow with the ball at times and is an ok passer. Through regular and historic domination he's thrown probably 8-10 bad passes with a few being my fault (passing out of shots).
  • Slow(ish) Jumper: At times his jumper can feel slow, which will lead to him being closed out on. However, gold deep range deadeye is kinda glitchy and he hits a lot of contested and even heavily contested shots.
  • Blocks: This is obvious as he only has a 35 block, but in 64 games he averages .3 bpg and most come with me jumping at the CPUs shots at the end of the shot clock.

Recommended Strategy: Don't use as a primary scorer, but just let his game flow through your play style. He'll get open on his own. I'd recommend (and sorry for this) to run 5-out or 4-out 1-in and drive and kick with your point guard. I would suggest to always look for the best shot in any given possession and even though I said he hits contested to not force shots with him, or anyone. Also, pick up a perimeter centric coach if you didn't pick the Bradley Beal starter pack. I run Earl Watson, but I don't know if tier affects anything.

Other Comments: In 64 games he averages 7 ppg on 63.4% shooting and 60% from three (Probably closer to 80-85

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