'10 Dwyane Wade diamond card
98 Overall
  • 95 INS
  • 94 OUT
  • 94 PLY
  • 97 ATH
  • 97 DEF
  • 75 REB

Honest Review

Written by IbSunPraisin

Bought for: Packed


  • Inside scoring: He's great at driving in and making contested layups, but for some reason the way his animation triggers whenever you try to eurostep into a layup he never really draws a foul.

  • Outside Scoring: His release is really quick but pretty easy to master. I was draining open and contested 3s within the first 5 attempts with mostly green releases.

  • Playmaking: He's amazing at penetrating the defense and kicking out to the open man. Make sure to take full advantage of his HOF PnR Maestro.

  • Defense: This is the good part With HOF Defensive Stopper, Pick Pocket and One Man Fastbreak you'll be poking the ball loose and getting transition points with relative ease. Diamond Glove only has +25 defensive points on this card. While he doesn't always outright steal the ball he usually is able to successfully poke the ball loose without fouling. I have only gotten a few steals through the passing lanes, and have come from 1v1 defense. Another unexpected plus for this card is the 96 block, 98 contest, and 98 defensive consistency. He straight locks down traditional PGs and can contain bigger guys like Diamond LeBron (except in post ups)


  • Rebounding I guess, but the only reason I say that is because it'll be slightly more difficult to average a triple double with him. (sorry guys)
  • Mismatches: Because he's only 6'4 and has 65 strength if he gets posted up by a LeBron at point cheeser he won't be able to do a ton especially since he only has 62 low post defense.

Recommended Strategy: Drive 1v1, catch and shoot, mid-range pull-up, if you have someone with lob city finisher he has HOF Lob City Passer. Personally I would strongly consider running him at point. His passing stats are great and he's got all the badges and skills to initiate the offense.

If you're gonna play him at SG get yourself another card that's a threat to drive or shoot to play at point and it'll help draw the help defense to give Wade wide open 3s.

Use if: You want an athletic playmaking/scoring guard who is a lockdown defender

Don't use if: You can't afford him or you want someone that's more of a 3 point specialist.

Bottom Line: I definitely wouldn't take out a second mortgage on packs to pull him but if you end up copping him he's absolutely an end game card. I'm averaging 26/4/8/6 with him without forcing it.

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    13’ Kobe 97, 10’ Wade 98 or 08’ Allen 97. Who is the best?


    So I have 97 Kobe as well and I find it easier to score with Kobe most games and because he he bigger and can guard 1-3 and stretch 4s I'd give him the nod


    Thanks for your answer. ;) Kobe 97 is really strong. I have played around 50 games with this card. His average is 26,3 pts/G for 13,8 minutes/G. G.O.A.T !!!


    Glad I stumbled onto this comment. Currently pondering the exact same scenario. Kobe or Wade. I was torn.
    Kobe it will be! Thx.




    I haven't played with Allen so I don't know how well he plays


    Thanks for the review, man. I've used this card myself, and I really liked it. I played him at the point on my second unit and he was my first scoring option off the bench.
    I think I'll try to buy him again, and maybe start him at the point this time.