'80 Bobby Jones amethyst card
93 Overall
  • 88 INS
  • 69 OUT
  • 67 PLY
  • 82 ATH
  • 98 DEF
  • 96 REB

Bobby Lockup (Defensive God)

Written by kosherjesus

When the new intensity packs dropped I was hesitant to scout any of the players for my team since the stats were not out on 2kmtc. When they finally did, this Bobby Jones card really caught my eye. His defensive stats are flawless and his mid is godly so I knew he would have a spot on my team.

Bought for: 41,000


  • Defense: Debatbaly the best defender in the game 1-5. Can lock up on the perimeter against pretty much any card in the game as well as shut down bigs in the paint. Has all possible defense badges on HOF will get you tons of steals and blocks. Simply a lock-up player
  • Mid-Range: Absolute butter mid range jumpshot. Comes with difficult shots will not miss if left open off the dribble or not. Converts on tons of contested mids and post-fades. Add mid-range deadeye and you got yourself a problem from anywhere inside the arc.
  • Inside Scoring: Fantastic finisher on the drive or in the post. Only an 80 driving layup but seems much higher with relentless finisher. Dunks well and gets to the line often. Nothing too spectacular but very above average nonetheless from inside.
  • Rebounding: Spectacular scrappy Rebounding forward. Gets me 6-7 Boards a game with a ton on the offensive end for putback points. Will completely outmatch any other SF on the glass guaranteed. Playmaking: Not capable of running the floor but has a high passing iq and good ball control for a borderline PF. Rarely gets stripped unless you are going crazy with him and makes smart and nice passes.


  • 3pt Shot: Do I even need to explain? he has a 40 three pointer, you won’t get lucky with him. Do not take threes with this card. It’s weird because he can hit the mid from anywhere though, even just inside the arc.
  • Speed: Not a speedy 3-4 with the ball but his lateral quickness and defensive badges help him keep up with faster players on the other end.
  • Athelticism: Not a posterizing dunker don’t try to cheese the blow-by animation with him too much

Recommended Strategy: Put this mans on your opponents best player and he will undoubtedly limit the production of that specific player. Take smart shots with Bobby on offense. He should not be your offensive focal point, his defense usually leads to his offense.

Use if: You want a multi-faceted defender playable 3-5 with an amazing mid range game.

Don't use if: You want a spot-up knock down 3pt shooter or an insanely athletic dunker.

Bottom Line: As of now I would rate this as the best defensive card in the game, above artest. If you don’t believe me just try him. Use him correctly though, this review should serve as a guide to his play style as well. I love this card.

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    In terms of defense at the 4, how well does he do against AD/ Blake/ KLove? His defense is godly, his badges are insane, does that translate to the game well?


    Yes it does translate very well. He averaged around 2.6 spg for me and around 1.1 blocks in about the 19 contests I started him. He had very difficult matchups, I commonly put him on Giannis or Diamond LeBron to reduce inside scoring efforts and he certainly proved beneficial to the cause. It definitely shows as your oppponents will miss tons of shots when Bobby contests. Obviously don’t put him on a giant but even sometimes he fairs well against taller players because of his very great peremiter defense and steal to stay in front and strip the ball. Plays like a 3 defensively with center capabilities.


    i put a diamond speed shoe on him which gives him 93 speed and 89 acceleration, and its way better. he's able to keep up with the Lebrons and Giannis of the game.


    He must have some nasty chase downs for you