James Harden pinkdiamond card
99 Overall
  • 94 INS
  • 98 OUT
  • 97 PLY
  • 98 ATH
  • 90 DEF
  • 94 REB

P.D. Harden is O.P.A.F.

Written by HarryL

I know, I know...more jerking off over PD Harden. Sorry. Sort of. I don't want to rehash how idiotically incompetent/sloppy/lazy 2K is. They are. Not going to talk about how fucked up and unfair the PD Harden glitch is. It is fucked up, and it is unfair. I don't care what 2K should do to fix this, or what players should do to protest this. 2K won't do jack; not even admit a mistake was made. And what players should do is up to the player. Good luck with whatever you decide.

This is a P.S.A. for any players who intend to keep playing MyTeam, who don't already have PD Harden, and are debating whether or not they should do their best to get him. And my advice is: get him. Do pretty much whatever you can do to get him. He's probably the best offensive card in the game right now, regardless of price. He's definitely the best card in the game, with price considered. And both these statements are likely to remain true for the rest of the 2K18 cycle.

Offense: O.P.A.F.

He has zero weaknesses and is just a sliver shy of perfect in pretty much every conceivable way:

  • Shooting: 98's across the board, and¬†all¬†shooting badges are HoF except for Corner Specialist. That's fine. Standing around in the corner is for mortals, not PD gods. Feel free to sprint one way and then crossover into a stepback three the other way: 98 Moving 3 + HoF Difficult Shots + HoF Limitless Range + HoF Deep-Range Deadeye + Hot Zones Everywhere = let it fly. Do it off a screen and add in HoF P&R Maestro. Remember Microwave and 99 Offensive Consistency and Clutch Performer. Good going, barbecue chicken: fuck your feelings while you hold this "L."
  • Driving: 99 Driving Layup, 98 Driving Dunk, 95 Contact Dunk, 99 Draw Foul, 99 Free Throw, 100/100 Driving/Flashy Dunk Tendencies, and¬†all¬†finishing badges are HoF except for Posterizer. Doesn't matter. He's going to launch from the hinterlands and yam it on your head, anyway. Or maybe he'll go lowkey and put up an acrobatic layup, that he'll make, and you'll foul him and it's definitely an And-1 because he's not missing that FTA.
  • Facilitating/Playmaking:¬†98 Ball Control with excellent animations...he stepbacks, sidesteps, snatches back, and spins extremely responsively. 93/99/99 Passing Ratings with HoF Dimer. And, again: HoF P&R Maestro. Go ahead and collapse the D on him. With him dishing the dimes, you don't even want to leave Andre Roberson open.
  • Post Game: 96 Post Fade, 74 Post Control, and 80 Strength at 220lbs and 6'5" and you can play some D-Wade guard post-up game on any opponent foolish enough to try and guard him with anything but a wing or burly guard. His post-fade animations aren't actually all that great, and he's no Kobe in the post, but he'll still work smaller guys and with HoF Mid-Range Deadeye and Difficult Shots, his 96 Post Fade and 98/98 Moving/Contested Mid, and handles, layup package, dunking, and foul drawing, in the right hands, he can seamlessly branch into whatever the hell he wants to do and there's a good chance that's going to be bucket for him.

Defense: W.T.F.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah...Harden is a scoring machine. Fine. But here's the thing: this PD Harden is such a Harden Lover's wet dream fantasy that he's a high-end defender as well.
  • 95 Lat Quickness, 96 Shot Contest, 98 Steal/Pass Percept/Reaction Time is all¬†elite, and 85/86/85/85 OB/P&R/Help DIQ and Def Cons is all quite solid. He's not a lockdown defender, but the point is that his defense is not a weakness. That's scary. Stupid, but nonetheless scary.
  • Even his LPDIQ is very good, at 73 (with 80 Strength). There are currently 6 SG's with higher LPDIQ, and the top is currently Sapphire Cooper's 84. Ruby and Sapphire Andre Iguodala¬†are less than a shoe boost above him.¬†
  • 49 Foul Tendency. Doesn't seem low, but look up some of the elite perimeter defenders in the game. Not shabby at all.

Other Shit: F.F.S.

  • 92/94 Offensive/Defensive Rebounding. 95 Boxout. 97 Vertical with 80 Strength. Comes with Gold Hustle Rebounder and Gold Putback King. Seems ridiculous, but let's not forget he's current #9 on the All-Time Triple Double list.
  • Animations: I don't know if it's just animations sets or takes Shot IQ into account or whatever the fuck, but we all know that the elite players get elite animations. Guys like Carmelo, or Hakeem...and Harden. Just get a sliver of daylight between him and basket, point the stick, hit shoot, and usually something good is going to happen.¬†
  • Badges: 12 HoF badges is the headline, but there's also 11 more Gold ones behind those. And 6 empty slots. He can carry all but 5 badges¬†in the game. So go ahead and obviously slap on Defensive Stopper, Rim Protector, Bruiser, and Post-Spin Technician. Throw on Pick Dodger. You only need to agonize over whether you want to fill the last slot with quite frivolous badging, like Brick Wall or Pick & Popper or Lob City Finisher.

The Competition: I.D.G.A.F.

  • PD Kobe¬†is totally insane, but good luck affording him. And if you can, offensively he's lacking Harden's HoF outside shooting badges and HoF Dimer.
  • PD Steph¬†will be nuts, but good luck affording him. And if you can, have fun not dunking all over fools in the paint. Have fun trying to guard everyone's "backcourt" lineup of 6'7"+ wings and forwards...and PD Harden.¬†
  • PD Oscar¬†is going to cost you 3-4 times as much in shitty Historics you'll never use. Sure, you get Dr. J and Dirk, and that's great. And so is Oscar. But we all know his jumpshot and dribbling is¬†meh¬†and while he can be a crazy force on the drive...not as much as PD Harden. And, this year, nobody's really afraid of his, or most anyone's, post game.
  • DI D-Wade¬†looks fantastic. Truly elite defensive ratings and badging, including uniquely elite Block ability. Top end offensive force all over the floor, great facilitator. But if you want to stepback into a three with a defender's hand in Wade's face, then be my guest. Do that with PD Harden, and my anus is always going to clench. Plus: is DI Wade even any cheaper than Harden right now?
  • PD Kyrie...not even worth comparing, but if you insist: sure, he's been fantasy-gifted high-end defense like PD Harden, but PD Kyrie is expensive as fuck, doesn't dunk, and isn't even the outside threat that Harden is, lacking HoF Limitless and Difficult Shots. Which is bullshit, but it is what it is.
  • PD MJ:¬†okay, all bow down to His Airness. But good luck affording him, unless you were one of the lucky ones to pack 2-dozen PD Hardens, in which case this is not an either/or question for you. It's a both/and...and...fuck you. Wish I were you, but fuck you all the same.

Worth It?: Y.M.M.V., but...not really.

There's no card that is as good and as relatively cheap as PD Harden. Even the ones that are multiples of the price are not as perfect as PD Harden is, offensively.

If you don't already have PD Harden, but you have assets that you could sell to afford him, then sell that shit so you can afford PD Harden.

Aside from a very small handful of super-ultra-rare PD cards, nothing else auctionable is an endgame card. Most will only go down in value. PD Harden is, and will always be, one of the top cards in the game. If you have 50K MT and have decided to pass on PD Harden because you refuse to sell Diamond LeBron, Diamond Klay, Diamond D-Rose, Diamond Ray Allen or whatever the fuck, you will regret it.

Will PD Harden Get More Expensive, Or Cheaper?: I.D.K. but I.D.C.

I have no idea what has been going on with PD Harden's AH value on this second day of the Hardengate era. But I don't really care. If I end up having spent 100K too much, I can make up that 100K by being a no-life schmuck and snipe spam AH refreshes if need be. But if PD Harden were to have gone up in value, and got too high for me to afford before never coming back down to upper-middle-class affordability, then that's not acceptable.

And I'm not even a Harden-playing sort of guy. If I had my way, I'd get Diamond Payton and call it a wrap on point guards for the year. Lock motherfuckers down, then post-up on them and rip post-fades while fantasizing about GP yapping about taking their trash-ass game back to the J.V. squad. Or dance around with Curry and bomb shit from the edge of the halfcourt logo.

But this is 2K18 and that shit is not the shit to do. The shit to do is batter your way into the paint and either launch into an OP contact dunk animation, or rip into an OP snatchback jumper animation, or fling a pass into the corner where your OP 7-foot center with 85 Open 3 and Gold shooting badges is waiting to rain unrealistic death.

And, for that, PD James Harden is perfect.

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    Why this review has 0 likes


    The zem effect at full force


    Rip to the guy who paid like 1.5 mil right as the glitch was happening.


    Yo this is a great fuckin review brother!!
    I was at work the day Hardengate started; as you so perfectly coined it lol when i got home, I wasnt aware that 2K glitched the packs or whatever tf happened..
    So when I saw PD Harden for 300K MT (which I have been saving since literally day 1) I immediately emptied my MT for him... You think I paid too much?? Also I have a Diamond adidas shoe card, basically all for defense--prob the only diamond card worth applying to him right??


    FYI, I didn't coin "Hardengate." I saw it for the first time on this forum, though. I think.

    I think 300K for one without a DI Contract or Shoe is high, but I think it's going to turn out fine. I bet, at some point, you will definitely be able to sell him for at least 335K, so even if you just park your MT for a while, should turn out at least neutral. You cannot say that for the vast majority of cards.

    What boosts does your Diamond Adidas shoe give? I am always all about boosting D, so I would probably use that on Harden, but it depends on the specific boosts.

    The other things that one might want to boost on him are:

    - Strength from 80 to up to 89 would be nice. Aside from defensive boosts, this is the only other one for which he could use ALL of a +9 boost.

    - Speed w/Ball from 95 to 99 just to max out, and also maybe also max out Speed and/or Acceleration.

    - Max out his rebounding, or close to that. With his Rebounding ratings, Vert, and Strength, he actually is nice on the boards.

    - Post Control: 74 to 83 is meaningful, I think, if you're going to post him up on smaller guards. Hopefully also max out his Post Fade to 99 and get a +6 on his Post Hook.


    Great review. Entertaining!


    Is it worth the upgrade from the diamond one?


    It is, insofar as any jump up in tier is worth a multiple of the price of the lower tier card.


    i think James harden will be MVP


    Didnt u just post this in the myteam forum? Lol