'04 Vince Carter diamond card
98 Overall
  • 90 INS
  • 96 OUT
  • 82 PLY
  • 94 ATH
  • 84 DEF
  • 70 REB

Vince Review

Written by Ladii_Sickness

I was stuck between buying this card or diamond wade. I chose this card because of the shooting and I wasn’t disappointed. His shot is smooth, he’s quick, and he’s great at attacking the rim. If it’s not a poster dunk then he’ll most likely still finish the contested lay up.

I used Vince at the 2 and the 3. My line up is: Diamond Stephon Marbury Diamond Vince Diamond Lebron Amethyst KD Diamond Shaq

Vince fits in perfectly for me. I run a half court press with the guards switching everything. He does fine. On offense he’s a bucket getter. no complaints.

Bought for: 301,000 MT and worth every single coin of MT

Strengths: Shooting, attacking the basket, defense.

  • Inside scoring: 99 Dunk with 100 tendency. 96 Driving lay up. Great at finishing near the rim. His animations rarely to never get blocked.

  • Standing Shot 3pt: 96 - doesn't usually miss open shots. Will hit contested ones when you learn his shot. His shot is smooth and easy to learn.


  • Rebounding: I play him at the 2 so this isn’t necessarily a weakness.

Recommended Strategy: Drive 1v1, catch and shoot, three point or mid range pull-up. He’s very versatile.

Use if: You want an athletic playmaking player who can also shoot and defend.

Don't use if: You’re not a big baller

Bottom Line: He’s one of the best cards I’ve ever had. If you can afford him, get him. You won’t be disappointed.

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