Jarrett Allen bronze card
69 Overall
  • 70 INS
  • 51 OUT
  • 30 PLY
  • 74 ATH
  • 63 DEF
  • 74 REB

Look at that f'ing rat

Written by MJisnottheGOAT

In need for cap space in my Super Max lineup, I had to use this complete c*nt as my backup center. Yeah this dude has to replace my gold Boban... And oh my god does he do it well !

Here's my supermax (undefeated until now) lineup http://2kmtcentral.com/18/lineups/24597/super-max

Bought for: Don't remember, bought him to get Double-K Kerry Kitty Kittles initially. I believe it was like 900 MT.


  • Inside scoring: Incredible (and flashy) dunker, and a good inside scorer for a bronze.
  • Speed : Paired with LeBron in the paint for my second unit, I am lucky to have not only one but two athletic freaks. Jarrett Allen is fast, way faster than I expected first.
  • Hustle : This dude just doesn't give up. He's everywhere. He's an angry and hungry rat. He puts his hand everywhere and steal every ball that comes in the paint + awesome shot blocking, can block ruby Shaq with his lower right second molar.
  • Unexpected rebounding beast : grabs every board. He'd grab every board even from the bench.
  • Looks so old school with that haircut and that stache I thought I had a historic bronze card.
  • He's a 70 rated bronze in the game.


  • Can't shoot
  • Awful ball handler

Recommended Strategy: Feed that f'ing rat

Other Comments: His dunks are ultra flashy, it's so pleasant to dunk with this guy

Use if: You want a good looking mofo to rule the paint and to free some cap space

Don't use if: You need a dirk-like bronze, obviously

Bottom Line: Best bronze center you'll use. I'd even say best bronze/silver center, seriously.

I hope you'll enjoy this card if you decide to buy it.

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