'81 Bob Love amethyst card
92 Overall
  • 92 INS
  • 87 OUT
  • 52 PLY
  • 78 ATH
  • 89 DEF
  • 80 REB

Ur 1st HOF Defensive Stopper

Written by BMNLMD

Bought for: Historic Domination 30 teams complete (reward uniform)


(I will talk specifically in the paragraph )

  • HOF Defensive stopper
  • Smooth release
  • Post scoring
  • great rebound as small forward


  • A little bit slow
  • Not a good dunker

First of First, don't use Bob Love as a PF because you will lose all his advantages. And he will perform better in games which plays with A. I.(Dominations & Challenges)

  1. Great defenser. After you finish Domination, you will chose Fat Fever / Ron Artest. But neither of them can defend superstar SF well(Artest is too short ), so you need a player to defend Lebron & Bird & Dr.J & 30 all time teams SF. 90 on ball defense and 78 lateral quickness is good enough to defense SF,and his 92 pass perception would surprise you sometime.In addition , Bob Love is the only one player ,who has HOF Defensive Stopper badge ,that you don't need spend money to get.

2.Fantastic Release. great release makes his shot (Especially his Three )better than his rates , and I never miss his free throw. TRY HIM!

3.Reliable Post Scorer If you don't know how to score in post, ingore this part. But if you do know, congrats, he is a monster in post. Because of his post skill and strength, he is on another level from any other SF at this point.

** I do recommend people learn how to play post moves in Domination games because AI play defense so good , you might can't score in several minutes. Post scorer can solve this problem.

Use if: " You want a 3D / post SF

Don't use if: " You want a Athletic SF

**Mention AGAIN !!!!! Bob Love is the only one player ,who has HOF Defensive Stopper badge ,that you don't need spend money to get.

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    Never thought about putting him at the 3 until the it happened in game. Nice review btw.


    He's definitely underrated. I will have to try him at the 3.

    That HOF Def Stopper badge does wonders. He's a solid jump shooter too.

    Much more suited for a slow tempo style. If you play like a maniac who tries to dunk every time...you're going to hate him. But...I love having Love at the 4. Big help in All-Time domination. I can put him on the other teams best offensive player.