Rudy Gay gold card
77 Overall
  • 75 INS
  • 72 OUT
  • 62 PLY
  • 72 ATH
  • 63 DEF
  • 58 REB

The 2k GOAT

Written by Kmart

Honestly I wasn't expecting much out of this card considering he's a 77 gold. However, this man has always been probably the cheesiest player in 2k history. I paired him up with the Jeff green duo & he carried me through domination. After I got artest I thought he would become my main scoring option however, after 4 games of super max he dropped 25+ points every game.


Animations: Rudy has always had crazy good animations & this year is no different with great dunk animations & a silky jumper.

Dunking: he's just straight up a great dunker

Scoring: just an unstoppable scorer at this point in the game

Clutch: this card comes with no badges except clutch performer & another



Defense: he's not a good defender by any means, however with the duo he gets 80 defensive consistency which helps a lot.

Lack of badges: like I stated before has no standard badges

Speed: this isn't really a weakness but I'll put it because his stats are mediocre. But honestly he feels a lot faster in game & has minimum problems getting by most defenders.



This is probably the best scoring sf you can get at this stage of the game with the duo. Yes even better than kd. I don't even have mine badged up yet he just finished scorching some guy online lol.

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