Kawhi Leonard sapphire card
85 Overall
  • 77 INS
  • 79 OUT
  • 68 PLY
  • 79 ATH
  • 83 DEF
  • 52 REB

Wait for a Moments.....

Written by sportsrule7

Pulled from pack using pre order VC

My first sapphire of the year was the best defender in the league.I was HYPED. Was great for domination, but then I hopped into Super Max....


  • Defense: Obviously, it's a Kawhi card, so if there is one thing he can do it's lock up on D _ Mid-Range: Can be very good from mid when you're running a 5-out. Pick and pop's can be nice sometimes -Dunking: He can absolutely hammer it down IF he doesn't get into a bad layup animation (Those are coming up next) he also doesn't any bad dunk animations that'll get him blocked


  • Finishing- I don't really know if this is a downer or Kawhi's ratings or just the fact that layups don't go in this year. He is VERY inconsistent when it comes to layups, making me not want to go up for a dunk in a fast break situation due to his poor finishing ability.
  • 3 pt scoring- This was INCREDIBLY disappointing on 2k's part. His hot Zones don't make up for his unbearable inconsistency. He will go some games where he straight up misses multiple open threes that Kawhi in real life could knock down. Missed a lot of shots in the corner for me.
  • Handling the ball- Gets a lot of bump turnovers when driving to the hoop. This will get on your nerves quickly, as when you're in an open drive and kick situation, you'll be ready for to get a shot at an open three only to see the camera pull a 180 on you, indicating you've turned over the ball for the 2nd or 3rd time.

Recommended Strategy: Wait for other players to create open shots for him, then let it fly. Let him be on defense, he'll get the job done

Use if: "You just wat someone who can lock up the KD's, Greek Freaks, and Paul George's

Don't use if: "You want someone who you expect to make plays for you on offense"

Bottom Line: "Wait for a moments card. Once he gets 79 to 80 Open 3 he will be an absolute beast. "

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    Good review. I run the duo of him and Patty Mills which isn't the easiest, since Patty Mills is expensive but this round of super max he's only 98 salary which is really good. Once you get the duo, Kawhi's 3 pointer becomes an 80, and I really enjoy the card. Not to mention patty gets a 90 three pointer and is a fun card to use. I recommend trying the duo out if you are willing to pay over 5k for patty mills.