'02 Michael Jordan ruby card
89 Overall
  • 85 INS
  • 84 OUT
  • 78 PLY
  • 85 ATH
  • 86 DEF
  • 50 REB

Best Jordan Card

Written by NJR23

Yo this is the best jordan out of the three you can get. Ive had the amy one and sold him after a game because despite all the stats and badges it seemed like he wasn't micheal like he couldn't hit that side fade, couldn't pull up of the dribble the right way, like the animations for the shots weren't great. this one plays similar to the 95 diamond from last year or if you ply all star team up the 1995 version from all star team up just slower.

STRENGTHS Mid Range-if you miss with this card on any type of mid range shot then your just bad and need to stop blaming your cards. hits the fades with ease can sprint in to either side and pull the corner fade can pull up straight away on a drive or pick. all you gotta do is start on one side do a behind the back to get by your defender and pull up

Jumpshot Animations-even though this is similar to mid range it deserves a second mention. his pull ups his fades and his post fades all feel like the real jordan the amy felt like it was just some imposter this has the high vertical jump and is almost unguardable

DUNKING/Layups-although only 75 contact dunk and 75 driving the threshold to dunk with a defender right on you (not a center) is 75 and jordan has all of his animations including the free throw line dunk. has the air jordan ones on. same thing with layups he has all the crazy animations for layups didnt miss one and pulled a 360 layup on unsold

Weakness- could be better on rebounding and defense

I BELIEVE LEBRON JAMES IS GOAT IM NOT A STAN but i was really surprised with how good of a crd this was cause the ratings aren't eyepopping but litterally plays like the 1995 all star version of jordan but less speed and cant dunk over absolutely anyone but can still dunk if he gets one on one looks over people

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    also is not bad at threes just has a really easy jumpshot



    Well he’s not the best mj card obviously


    he means he plays better than the amethyst. which is true. He is a true mid range god. NJR23, put the gold shoe Melo M13 on him than boosts mid range stats by 9. Makes MJ 100% more cheese. I added gold posterizer as well.


    word thanks for the tip bro


    he plays better than the amy for me but obviously hes not 93 overall we all have eyes bro


    The amethyst is better its the same exact card with better stats.


    no fucking shit einsteine I SAID IT PLAYS BETTER YOU FUCKING DOUCHEBAG