'94 David Robinson pinkdiamond card
99 Overall
  • 97 INS
  • 88 OUT
  • 56 PLY
  • 94 ATH
  • 97 DEF
  • 98 REB

A Different Kind of Biceps

Written by Maur1c10

Finally after 38 weeks of playing this shitty game, DRob is available, and oh god he’s so fucking good, as a budget player he’s the best center I’ve tried in my 2 years in nba2k without a doubt, he’s an all around player he can do almost everything except for speed boosting but he’s a center so that’s not necessary, I know the title sound a little bid weird and cringy but I am not very creative.

Bought for: The last Reward of the extremely boring Weekly Challenges.


  • Inside scoring: Obviously this the best thing about DRob, on the post he’s ‘unstoppable’, all his inside scoring stats are really good for a center, that contact dunk stat is fake on the first game I played with him I decided to play all time domination and he posterized KAJ and Wilt, also he has my favorite post badge on hof, Post Spin Technician, he’s so fucking good at pick and roll, out of all my front court players he’s the only one that doesn’t get stuck with other players.
  • Rebounding: With his size, vertical and his really good rebounding stats, he’s a machine at getting rebounds, unless he gets boxed out by center like Shaq, Wilt, KAJ or Yao, he will get a ton of boards per game.
  • Defending: He’s a former DPOY, so it’s obviously that his defensive would be really good, again with that height and HOF Rim Protector he’ll block a ton of shots, in the same all time domination game, he blocked 3 shots in a row in the same play against Magic, also he blocked a Lebron’s driving dunk, also in the other two game I played with him he blocked another 3 shots, sadly I haven’t gotten a steal with him yet, but out of that he’s one of the best defenders in the game.
  • Outside Scoring: Sadly he’s not juiced like Hakeem, but he’s not bad, shooting middies he’ll probably score most of them with that 95+ on open and contested, as I said he’s not juiced like Hakeem he definitely can score some 3s with that 79 and obviously if you have diamond 3pt shoe definitely put that shit on him, also he has hot spot in the left corner.
  • Athleticism: He’s the biceps so I don’t have to talk about his strength, but that almost 90 speed makes him even better, during the fast breaks he’ll probably reach your PG so you can throw a lob to him and he probably score that.


  • Definitely he doesn’t have any weaknesses, I wouldn’t count the Playmaking as one cause he’s a center not a ball handler, and his hands stat it’s really good he won’t lose easy balls while running through out the court.

Recommended Strategy: Post up and while doing that definitely abuse that Post Spin technician on hof, both Pick and roll and Pick and pop I don’t remember if he has both roller and popper on hof but definitely he’s really good at both especially at Pick and Roll.

Other Comments: If you are a 5 out cheeser or want a center that can shoot I would add a 3pt shoe and also Corner Specialist, maybe Dimer when he gets a board and you kick the ball out to the 3pt area.

Use if: You want a really good center that can compete with Jabbar and Hakeem.

Don't use if: You didn’t play any weekly challenge through out the year,

Bottom Line: Unless 2k gives this card to Baldy, he will definitely miss him cause he’s really good.

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    How do u run 5 out?
    because when you set your set-up to 5 out, it is actually 4-out