LeBron James pinkdiamond card
99 Overall
  • 97 INS
  • 96 OUT
  • 91 PLY
  • 97 ATH
  • 97 DEF
  • 90 REB

Lebanon Games

Written by Knifemqre

I know you won't believe me, but this LeBron card isn't that hard to get. The only people able to get it (sadly), are the ones that are rich with MT and VC. The way I earned my VC was from money spent for MyCareer, countless hours grinding on MyCareer and playing some MyLeauge games (yes, I play MyLeauge) Also, the pack odds are pretty good, as many have pulled him. If you check the auction house, it is loaded with LeBrons. It's also kind of funny that I haven't gotten the Miami LeBron yet.

Bought for: Packed (193,500 VC)


  • Finishing: This LeBron obviously feels most like any other LeBron, able to bully through the paint, but instead, he can finish an and-one with 10 kids on him. LeBron's buffed speed makes him quicker than ever, allowing him to get blow by animations and a brute force through the lane, his 99 layup stats make him the best contact finisher. Of course, this card also has a strength in dunks, as many great dunkers in this game, LeBron has an insane 99 driving and 98 contact dunk with HOF posterizier and lob city finisher. This lob city finisher badge is very unique, as you can easily run the P&R with LeBron and throw him a lob.
  • Shooting: The shooting on this card seperates from all the other LeBron cards as he can actually shoot decently. His release is very easy coming to me, but his three won't always drop when you get a slightly late or early release. The funny thing about this PD LeBron is that although his three is at 95, he has HOF limitless range and HOF deep range deadeye, so yes, you can pull from deep. This LeBron is deadly from deep but when he is defended tightly, don't be tempted to shoot tough shots. One thing I love about this card that I love on every LeBron card is his midrange pull-up going to the right or left. It is so easy to master and the release is easy to use. With his release easy to use, his 97 mid range boosts this up and I can green easily when taking these shots.
  • Defense: LeBron hasn't always been the best for me on defense, rather good, but this LeBron is amazing on defense in the perimeter and in the paint. LeBron can't really guard dominant post scorers, but can easily stop slashers in their tracks with HOF chasedown artist, Gold rim protector and his 90 block. 90 block might not seem a lot, but combine that with his insane 99 lateral quickness, and 98 speed? This means that LeBron can catch up to slashers and swat them, stay grounded to his defender, steal the ball with HOF pick pocket and 98 steal, or protect the rim against smaller slashers and slashers that match his height. For his perimeter, it's too easy to explain, pretty much 98 perimeter defense throughout the board.
  • Playmaking: PD LeBron Can speed boost, pass properly and is basically a demigod point forward. He excels in this area with many HOF playmaking badges, and is great at P&R game with P&R maestro.


  • Letting Kyrie leave.

Recommended Strategy: Play LeBron as PG/SF/PF, use at PG to post-up a smaller player or create mismatches. Use at SF/PF to guard dominant players that are 6'11 or under. Use LeBron in a scoring manner by running the P&R, running ISO's for a deep 3pter or drive in, post-up on smaller players, assisting players in scoring.

Other Comments: Has no weaknesses, a demigod with all 85+ stats.

Use if: You want an athletic demigod that works inside the paint as a two-way slasher, and a moderate 3 point shooter.

Don't use if: You can't afford to buy a 1 mil MT+ PD, can't pull him in a pack, if you want an OP game breaking 3 point shooter.

Bottom Line: Insane LeBron card, don't need to get this card as it is an okay upgrade from the Miami Heat LeBron card (98 OVR), but if you happen to get him, use him.

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