Kristaps Porzingis pinkdiamond card
99 Overall
  • 97 INS
  • 96 OUT
  • 57 PLY
  • 88 ATH
  • 95 DEF
  • 98 REB

Glad I Grinded

Written by donnymost68

This card took me about 210 games to get, and though I didn’t get Walt in the last season as I would’ve liked, I’m incredibly happy I have him. I played with his amethyst for a while, then sold him to pursue (diamond) Larry Bird (nutty card btw). I’ve been using Amy Cliff Robinson (budget beast) in the meantime, and this PD is the perfect replacement (been using diamond McHale as my starting PF).

Bought for: Played an assload of games for him


  • Inside scoring: He finishes lots of layups under he basket, plenty on the drive with his generous speed with ball, and he got major boosts from his Amy in dunking, letting him throw down much more and much easier
  • Post Game: One of this Porzingis’s biggest upgrades is in strength, as he got +19. He is now an effective post weapon, sporting high post ratings and animations that create plenty of space. Factor in his height and easy post fade releases and he’s deadly on anyone that’s shorter than 7’1.
  • Mid Range: Not much different from his Amy, but his shot form is one of my favorites (somewhat quick, but not ridiculously quick). He’s also one of the few big men that hit moving shots too, making him so much harder to guard. He also has minor increases to his overall stats
  • 3PT: It would be 100% broken if he had Amy limitless, but he’s knockdown nontheless. He also got a big boost to his moving 3, so (again) he’s way harder to guard. Same deal, minor increase to his overall stats here too.
  • Athleticism: Porzingis is one of the faster big men in the game (speed increase would’ve been lovely). The strength boost is big, and everything else is about the same.
  • Defense: Porz received giant boosts in his defense, steal, and general low post D. He can now guard the perimeter, and he gained a noticeable upgrade in his steal, as he can now rotate much better, and intercept passes far more. Also, he now has amethyst rim protector, so, you know.
  • Rebounding: Unicorn could always crash the glass (as he’s 7’3), but now he’s got the stars to match. I mean his Amy was pretty similar, but you know, minor boosts, amiright?


  • Playmaking: They killed me with this. Porzingis is one of the better ball handling big men in the league, and they don’t upgrade him even a bit. This doesn’t hurt the card that much, and he has a few dribble moves, but he deserved a boost.

Recommended Strategy: Post moves, catch and shoot, mid range pull-up, three pointers (of all kinds), pick and roll/fade

Use if: You grinded all season long and want to dominate

Don't use if: You were unable to get him (I’m sorry if that’s the case)

Bottom Line: Though he isn’t game-shattering, he is a fantastic big man, one of my favorite players irl (being a Knicks fan has, like, 0 benifits. I’m hoping he comes back strong), and I’m more than happy that I grinded for this Latvian beast.

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