'08 Baron Davis pinkdiamond card
99 Overall
  • 94 INS
  • 97 OUT
  • 98 PLY
  • 98 ATH
  • 97 DEF
  • 68 REB

This Baron can Fly

Written by Mauga1

Baron Davis is easily one of the most fun players to use in this game. His animations are incredible when it comes to dunks, crossovers and his jumpshot. His stats and tendencies are otherworldly, and the badges just cap it all off. Remember, this is a POINT GUARD with 96 three ball, 98 driving/contact dunk, 98 speed with ball and 99 steal. Not to mention HOF limitless, dimer and posterizer. This is everything you want or will need.

Bought for: Pulled out of a 10 box!


  • Inside scoring: Incredible at the rim, dunks on players of all sizes with his 100 driving dunk tendency, layups are also reliable and his high draw foul rating bails him out often.

  • Three Pointers: He is lights out beyond the arc, even if he's fading since his HOF difficult shots and high off-dribble shot three rating boost the odds tremendously in his favor.

  • Quickness: This card is extremely fast, feels like the fastest card in the game. John Wall is very close though. Easy blow bys and snatchbacks are basically what 2k is encouraging at this point, and this card fits that mold perfectly.

  • Passing: HOF dimer, do I need to say anything else? Had 9 assists in his first game, along with 29 points. When they start to double or help off to contain Baron, find open shooters for the easy assist.

  • Defense: HOF pick pocket and pick dodger. If you off ball this card should hold it's own, but for an on-ball defense kind of guy this card is glitchy. Easy steals and high lateral quickness can put the clamps on any guard and possibly even a demigod like Giannis/LeBron.


  • Rebounding: He's a guard, but it's worth mentioning that his rebounding is very low, you shouldn't care too much about that though.

  • Post Offense: Yeah, he can't score in the post. Idk why you'd try that anyway but if you were gonna, don't.

Recommended Strategy: Drive to the basket, run the break, pull up from limitless, do whatever you want, it'll probably work!

Use if: You want an athletic playmaking point guard who can shoot from anywhere, dunk on anyone and clamp anybody you put in front of him.

Don't use if: Already have PD LeBron or Tmac at PG, but even at that he's worth flexing some guys down for.

Bottom Line: If you have the money or want to rip packs, DO IT! This card is endgame quality, unlike any other I've ever used. Absolutely insane! Otherwise, try out Amy Baron, he's got slightly downgraded stats but he's a baller too.

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