'94 Joe Dumars diamond card
97 Overall
  • 83 INS
  • 95 OUT
  • 88 PLY
  • 94 ATH
  • 98 DEF
  • 41 REB

Best 3 and D Diamond for Cheap

Written by DaMoose01

Bought for: 17,500 MT or less


Shooting: He has 97 mid range, 94 three pointer, mostly hot zones, and an easy release. What else is there to say?

Defense: I was able to lock up Kobe and MJ with Dumars. He really is good at defending. (obviously)

Athleticism: He's got 94 speed, 95 acceleration, 92 vertical, 95 stamina, and 95 hustle. He's really athletic, considering who he is.

Playmaking: For a SG, he's got really good playmaking stats. 90 ball control, 92 pass accuracy, and 95 pass IQ.


Height: For a SG, he's short. At this point, most SG's are 6'5 or taller, so a 6'3 SG is a problem. I prefer starting him at PG.

Dunking: Come on 2K. Everyone has 80 dunk, so why can't Joe? 51 dunk is God awful. Bruh.

Rebounding: He's short and has terrible rebounding stats. Nothing else to say.

Recommended Strategy: Mid range, pull up shots, threes, or try and create a shot.

Use if: You want a 3nD beast for cheap.

Don't use if: You have someone like diamond Klay, Butler, or even Iggy.

Bottom Line: He's def a beast player.

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