'08 Ron Artest diamond card
96 Overall
  • 89 INS
  • 91 OUT
  • 79 PLY
  • 93 ATH
  • 98 DEF
  • 51 REB

Most Violent Player

Written by DaMoose01

Bought for: I bought him for 30,000 mt, but you should be able to buy him for cheaper. Maybe 20-25K MT.


Dunking: IDK why, but he dunks on everyone for me. He has basic dunk animations, but gets fancy contact dunks. He can even get standing contact dunks, like Shaq, with 80 standing dunk.

Shooting: To go with 92 open mid, 93 open three, and his hot zones, Ron ha one of the most simple releases in 2K18. It's pretty quick and it's easy to green.

Speed: 92 speed, acceleration, and 88 speed with ball is great for Ron, who is primarily a defender. With this, most SF's won't burn by him, unless you have 99 LBJ.

Ball control: He has 87 ball control, which means he can speed boost. Moving on......

Post scoring: For a SF who is a defender,he has great post scoring. 82 post hook and 85 post fade is pretty damn good.

Defense: This is the best defender on my team as of RN, and it's not close. He locks up anyone he guards, and even PD's can't get by him.


Intangibles: If he had 60 intangibles, he'd be a 98 overall. Please remove this pointless stat 2K.

Rebounding: For Ron Artest, his rebounding is bad. He should have 80's rebounding. :l

Recommended Strategy: Punch people, elbow people, kick people, knee people

Use if: You want a Kawhi Leonard type of player.

Don't use if: You have Kawhi Leonard.

Bottom Line: Poop

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