Blake Griffin emerald card
81 Overall
  • 79 INS
  • 71 OUT
  • 67 PLY
  • 83 ATH
  • 65 DEF
  • 66 REB

Fun card to play with

Written by BigSpain

I'm surprised there are no reviews for this Blake card so I decided to make a review myself. I just finished normal Domination and he has anihilated every oposing player he has faced so far, incluiding a game winnning, two handed dunk with 3 seconds to go in the final game of normal domination after getting the offensive rebound.

Bought for: 5,000/6,000 MT can't tell exactly, I was going after ruby Dominique Wilkins. I did not expect much from Blake, it's the first time I use a card of him and I can only tell good things!


  • Dunks, all type of dunks, super easy to make alley oops,
  • You can drive with him and as long as there's no help defense, you can get to the basket and finish with monster dunks. Great animations
  • Open 3, he hits a lot of open 3s for me, smooth release
  • Defense is good, contest most shots, is fast and strong, works well


  • Rebounding: He doesn't get many rebounds for a power forward.

Recommended Strategy: Dunk everytime you can, you can drive to the basket, baseline and dunk it. Or just push the other player in the zone and dunk it. Also look for the open three, he will make it.

Other Comments: I expected little from him and has been a very nice surprise. I will look for better Blake cards as the season goes by

Use if: You want an athletic power forward who can also defend small forwards, will dunk most times and and will hit the open 3

Don't use if: You want a power forward who gets many rebounds

Bottom Line: If you can get him, go for him. He will reward you and you will have fun with this card.

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