'04 Jason Williams ruby card
88 Overall
  • 75 INS
  • 84 OUT
  • 95 PLY
  • 88 ATH
  • 75 DEF
  • 41 REB

Ruby White Chocolate

Written by eddy23

6th man behind emerald John Wall (sapphire with dynamic duo alongside Beal). Matchup nightmare against other backup PGs such as Isaiah Thomas, Kyrie Irving, Kyle Lowry, Steph Curry etc. Runs the offense really well, works great with Mike D'Antoni due to his 99 7 seconds system proficiency.

Acquired after completing '18 Sacramento Kings Collection


  • Ball Handling: 99 ball control, 96 speed with ball
  • Passing: 98 pass IQ, 96 pass accuracy, 90 pass vision
  • Fast Break: 90 acceleration, 88 speed, 98 stamina
  • Spot-up shooting: 95 shot IQ, 89 open shot mid, 84 open shot 3


  • Rebounding: Won't grab a rebound EVER
  • Dunking: Can't dunk (but we knew that)
  • Defense: Gets abused by stronger guards that finish strong inside
  • Layups: Has good layup stats, but held back by a 15 driving layup tendency

Recommended Strategy: Isolation, drive-and-dish, pick and roll, score in transition

Other Comments: Sneaky good shooter, catches ankles, drops dimes at will, can't finish inside

Use if: You need a 6th man behind

Don't use if: You are building up your team

Bottom Line: A little expensive for what you're getting, works great off the bench, and can take over against a lot of teams' second units.

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