Rudy Gobert pinkdiamond card
99 Overall
  • 95 INS
  • 58 OUT
  • 44 PLY
  • 92 ATH
  • 98 DEF
  • 98 REB

Gobert is pretty good

Written by Damian

Bought for: Received it via lockercode


  • Inside scoring: Great at finishing inside and around the rim his post fade away is at times inconsistent but pounding his defender inside for a post hook goes in almost every time

  • Defense: Absolutely incredible on defense he blocks nearly every shot somebody tries to put up on him and his on ball defense on the perimeter is great. Even if for some reason he doesn't block the shot it's going to be a contest every single time

  • Rebounding: He excels at grabbing down rebounds over other centers, and for me personally is able to get around other centers to position himself without committing an over the back foul. He's also great at boxing out with his strength he's going to shield the center and grab down the board


  • Shooting: We all personally expected this but Gobert obviously couldn't hit a three point shot to save his life plus his midrange game is highly inconsistent. His release also isn't the best and the only time I'd take a shot with him outside the paint is when he's WIDE open for mid

  • Ball Handling: Gobert does not handle the ball very well when he's the paint, he sometimes loses the ball and its a turnover or he's stripped. It's not a huge issue but one that is needed to talk about

Recommended Strategy: Posting up low and hook/ occasional fadeaways and also doing some pick and rolls with him will get him hot he's got HOF lob city finsiher

Use if: You want an athletic center that is a beast on the boards and can score inside

Don't use if: You need good ball handling shooting big

Bottom Line: He's a great card but there are plenty of other options

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