'06 Vince Carter gold card
79 Overall
  • 74 INS
  • 78 OUT
  • 72 PLY
  • 73 ATH
  • 74 DEF
  • 67 REB

Best Gold in the Game?!

Written by _PG13

Bought for: 6,000 MT


  • Inside scoring: Great at finishing near the rim
  • Brutal Dunk animations, HE CAN POSTER any Center
  • nice dribbling animations makes him faster than 70 speed with ball.
  • Shooting: Nice release, Open in the Corner = he makes that


  • OF Course his Stats can be better but for a Gold Card... i see no Weakness

Recommended Strategy: Drive after pass(not fast enough for 1 vs 1), catch and shoot.

Other Comments: This Card is Crazy for 6 K MT. Imo the best Gold on SF. He is all around a good Card and is perfect for the bench in SUPER MAX because his Cap is Only a 80.

Use if: You want a cheap SF for the Bench or just have fun with him in Domination.

Don't use if: You dont like to poster your opponent

Bottom Line: Amanzing Card for 6 K MT , just Fun !

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