DeAndre Jordan emerald card
81 Overall
  • 67 INS
  • 30 OUT
  • 28 PLY
  • 79 ATH
  • 78 DEF
  • 88 REB

Rebounding and Defensive Stud

Written by Whiteout

I've had DeAndre Jordan all throughout domination and he has been the picture of consistency for me. He is the perfect big for running the floor against the CPU and controlling the boards. I use him in my system for just rebounding and inside defense, but if he does get an offensive rebound 90% of the time he's gonna slam it or get fouled. He isn't a 7-footer but, he has a great wingspan and shot-blocking ability. I use him alongside Blake Griffin, his dynamic duo, and while they're on the floor together inside the paint is the slam-zone.

Bought for: 6,000


  • Dynamic duo- He has a duo with Blake Griffin which is very useful since his free throw is raised to a 70
  • Inside scoring: Strong finisher inside the paint
  • Rebounding- He nabs 8+ rebounds per game in domination for me, very consistent
  • Defending: Superior inside defender and shot-blocker, good at defending the pick and roll
  • Athletic- I run a fast pace style offense and he runs the floor pretty well, he also has great strength for defending and dunking inside


  • Passing: Not a great passer
  • Ball Control/Handling- Not a great ball handler, loses the ball on double teams

Recommended Strategy: Run your offense normally and let him do his thing, take advantage if they're using a weak big

Use if: You want a defensive stud for domination

Don't use if: You want to run pick and pop or a shooting big

Bottom Line: Great value for money, use him for domination

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