'95 Buck Williams ruby card
88 Overall
  • 86 INS
  • 62 OUT
  • 32 PLY
  • 80 ATH
  • 75 DEF
  • 93 REB

Stats Don’t Tell the Truth

Written by donnymost68

I only just finished historic domination, and it was certainly a grind to get a bunch of great reward players. However, Buck Williams is one of the least impressive, and I feel as though this card doesn’t really get any respect. Sure he’s got a low stat total and not exactly a skill set anyone’s looking for now that they’ve got two amethyst power forwards. That said, I play him at my bench center, and he’s really positively surprising.

Bought for: Beat Historic Domination


  • Inside scoring: Might not finish each and every layup (being its NBA 2K18), but he finishes many. Often times if he misses he just goes back up and in off the offensive rebound.
  • Mid Range: This is just my opinion, but I LOVE his release. It’s green for me 80% of the time. The rating says 79, but it still goes in most of the time when it’s not greened.
  • Athleticism: Not too slow,very strong, good for posting up.
  • Post Game: It’s there; he’s got the hook down, and the fade is iffy. His footwork is nice though, and a good fake will work in his favor.
  • Rebounding: His height is discouraging, but it rarely gets in the way of his rebounding. He goes up strong of the many offensive rebounds he gets, and secures possessions with mean defensive ones. Buck can clean that glass like fucking Windex.
  • Defense: Gets the job done. Good at keeping the paint void of slashers most of the time
  • Free Throw: Average, but it works
  • Dunking: He dunks very often. All he needs is a bit of space to work with, and he’s lifting off.
  • Badges: Plenty of center positive badges to help him succeed


  • Playmaking: Stick to close passes and don’t size up with him. He’s not a point guard, he’s a power forward/center
  • 3PT: Nonexistent
  • Moving shots: Don’t. Just don’t.
  • Intangibles: 93 does imply that he doesn’t have stats going for him

Recommended Strategy: Post up, pick and roll, pick and fade for mids only, keep in low post, have “crash rebounds” as the focus.

Other Comments: I use Buck on my bench because Bill Russell is definitely better for me. I didn’t write a review on him because it’s already been done.

Use if: You lack a bench center after historic domination, and you want a free ruby that can enforce rather well, and thrive in and out of the paint

Don't use if: You want a stretch big or a taller center

Bottom Line: I’m not gonna just ditch a free ruby at this stage in the game. Buck Williams isn’t my go-to player, but he serves a purpose and gives my bench some help. I’m just writing this review to confirm that his stats aren’t impressive, but he does the dirty work.

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