'69 K.C. Jones emerald card
83 Overall
  • 67 INS
  • 59 OUT
  • 93 PLY
  • 94 ATH
  • 97 DEF
  • 41 REB


Written by Ball1sLif3


K.C. Jones is the best defensive point guard in the game. He is extremely strong for his position, and very athletic. He can get to the rack and run your offense, but don't expect him to shoot any kind of jump shot. Use him to run the pick n roll, and especially with bigs that can shoot, since having the screener pop opens up the lane for K.C. who can then use his speed to get to the rack before his defender, or kick to any of your shooters with his great passing stats.

Bought for: pulled


  • DEFENSE-Locks down anyone
  • Strength-90 strength is amazing for a man that small
  • Playmaking-all very good stats, gets the job done
  • Speed-94 speed and 95 speed with ball is elite


  • Shooting-This is the big one. Can't shoot. Don't try and shoot with him, it won't work. If you accidentally shoot and make one, don't think he's good at shooting, you just got lucky.

Recommended Strategy: Use to lock up almost any point guard. Kind of like a Gary Payton type player, just can't shoot.

Use if: You want a defensive stopper that will give your opponent fits

Don't use if: You want any type of outside scoring from your point guard

Bottom Line: Will probably be one of the best budget point guards in the game. In my opinion, his defensive prowess and ability to run a team far outweighs his poor shooting. I think he could be useful for a long time as a bench guard to use situationally against teams with really good scoring point guards, especially if your starter has bad defensive stats (like the pre-order Kyrie that a lot of people use).

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