'04 Arvydas Sabonis ruby card
88 Overall
  • 88 INS
  • 84 OUT
  • 75 PLY
  • 77 ATH
  • 81 DEF
  • 91 REB

Best stretch 5 for now

Written by MrNoMercy

Got it on the first day of release(11/15/2017). This is the first review from a real owner. This card is just a by-product for me, but still, he benched my Yao due to speed advantage and 3 ability.

How to get: Bench Booster pack. (7 boxes I got 2, sold one for 160K, should be around 120k for next couple weeks if they don't release a lot more)


All around offensive, great length.

  • Playmaking: He passes fast and accurate, which is much better than Yao and Mutombo I used to use.
  • Length: 7'3", and 60+ speed, who else.
  • Shooting: deep or mid, sweet! Release good as Porzingods!
  • D: He has low block attribute but still blocks a lot due to the length and speed. Good defense IQ is a huge plus. (Cuz most people online rely on P&D offense so much, higher IQ leads to properly and faster reaction)


  • Soft: He's old when he joined the league, this is true. You can out power him but he is still tall.
  • Ball Control: Try double team when catch or dig against him
  • Slow: he's fast on his size but still considering slow, so long pass and fastbreak can kill him sometimes.
  • Badge: 5 gold badges, very common weakness for a ruby card. Don't force post offense when online unline you double checked your opponent's badge.


P&P + P&R EZPZ, more effective than ruby Cousins or Porzingods on the offensive end.


I will try put some videos later on.


Use if: You're doing the collection. (sell if not, it's not a cost-efficient card).

Don't use if: You can't afford, you don't play stretch big, or new/better card released.

Bottom Line: overally better than the ruby reward Yao, an upgrade version of Sapphire Porzingods (about 45KMT value today).

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    Nice review man. I like him as a player and this card looks nice but yeah that 29 lat quickness makes me not want to get it for what it costs.


    Lat quickness means nothing if you don't switch him on a driving guard. Even if you do so, his length can bump them easily


    Yao ming is the goat.


    Not in 2K, especially not in 2K18. Too OP for those 3pts. I'm top20 in Super Max, and almost all top 100 have a 3pt % around 50%. Despite of those 5-out cheesers, you can shoot well by just using plays. Almost every playbook has at least 5 money plays.




    he is not constant from outside and mid-range. not great rebounder like other greats .
    I played a game in supermax face whiteside he too every offensive rebound until I brought davis back.


    Set post as "behind" for strong rebounders. I used to use him and bullied Hassan every time. But now I replaced him with amethyst Kareem.


    thanks, bro I'm thinking of doing the set form the amethyst jr what do you think


    It's been to late, so not worth to finish that set for now. A good alternative for JR is that Petrovic in Ice Cold pack. Similar use, but trade-able.


    thanks, i thin ill do that