'01 Latrell Sprewell ruby card
89 Overall
  • 83 INS
  • 88 OUT
  • 83 PLY
  • 83 ATH
  • 76 DEF
  • 44 REB

Ain´t no Choke

Written by mopream

Pure Efficiency SF!

I was always a Fan of rough Player like Spree. But Tbh I bought him just to resell. Unfortunately I Paid to much.

So had to gave him a Chance.

Bought for: 50K (first Day)

Strengths: 1st. on Dunking: He will dunk the most (free Lane 2 the Hoop needed) but the "Wow-Effect" came with...

2nd.: hitting almost every Layup. His Gold Acrobat Badge seems to make the diffrence. Dont let him get Blocked, so avoid Driving against really Big Mans. Shoot instead!

AND 3rd...

He also hits contested 3pt attempts!! (No Green need I dont want to bore you with the "he hit´s open...Bla bla"

I checked Ruby Lebron and sold him (more for the snipe but). Even though almost every third SHot was a Perfect and I really would love to have the King on MyTeam, I preferred to go with Ron Artest, Emeral V.Carter (Best Budget Monster) - now its diffrent. Sprewell is an Option for starting and / or comming from the Bench.

Spree has very quick handles and moves, so he can get easy around slower forwards like Durant and Co. but he can also kill you with the pull up J. His release is a Little late but his moves will buy you more time than u will need.


  • Rebounds Hands down...You will Need Rebounding PF´s and Center
  • if bronce Rebound Badge is equipped he will grab some crazy Boards - Crazy - not many.

Recommended Strategy: Iso Slasher who is able to drive in/ around/ shoot/ pass.

Use if: You or your Scorer sucks at Offense or you just want to have a Go 2 Guy @ SF

Don't use if: If you like to have a shut down SF Defender

Bottom Line: One of the 5 best Shot Creating/ Small Forward Slasher for now and a lot of Fun


Of Course the search for the perfect SF still going! Read my: Saphire V.Carter Review 2 continue

Hands down your Mopream

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