'86 Jack Sikma ruby card
89 Overall
  • 90 INS
  • 88 OUT
  • 57 PLY
  • 80 ATH
  • 85 DEF
  • 94 REB

Sunburnt Superstar

Written by donnymost68

It's still early on in 2K while I'm writing this review (11/29/17), but I had to mention how nice this card is. I've had ruby Cousins for a while, and though he is a great card, this Sikma (while having less stats) caught my eye. Great stats and low cap? I knew I had to get him. A few games is all I need to be convinced that this Russian (heh, cuz he's red) is a top tier player.

Bought for: 45,000 MT (Feel free to call me a cuck if his price radically drops)


  • Inside scoring: Standing layup animations are hard to block quite often, and he dunks it way more than often. His 6'11 height is slightly above average for a center, making him difficult for players, like 95 Wes Unseld, or some other regular center to stop.
  • Mid Range: Buttery smooth and his guard like release only further increases the wetness. Lots of hotspots around, so feel free to square up anywhere from mid.
  • 3PT: Money. 85 is great for any big man, and again, his release is truly easy to nail. He's got some hotspots here too.
  • Rebounding: He's got those glass cleaner stats. Mid 90's for his rebounds plus the gold badge make him a beast on the boards
  • Post Game: High 80's allow the post fade and hook to be a decent option. I don't recommend making it a go-to play unless you're up more than 7, solely because the post is a little unreliable (for me at least).
  • Defense: This is one of the reasons I love this card so much, and much more than Cousins. He can guard the paint incredibly well, and he's got some block rating to help him scare off slashers.
  • Free Throw: Easy release and a 92 rating (short and sweet)
  • Badges/Intangibles/Tendencies: He's got some great shooting and rebounding badges, along with high dunk tendencies. Combine that with 40 intangibles and you have yourself a hidden amethyst.


  • Speed: 62 isn't lightning quick, but it hasn't really been a bother for me.
  • Playmaking: He's a center, so he doesn't really need this stat, but some passing accuracy would be neat.
  • Moving Shots: Don't take these. They don't go in. Set your feet with this guy. As long as you're not fading, any normal jumpshot should be cash.

Recommended Strategy: Catch and shoot, feed him in the post (once in a while), use him for pick plays of all kinds, send him to the paint, keep him out on the three point line if he has giant Bol like centers, mid-range spot up.

Other Comments: Small bug in this card. If you give him some aloe for his sunburn, he'll evaporate and be whisked back to the auction block. Don't test him.

Use if: You want a standout big man with above average height, great defense, powerful inside play, and a sexy shot.

Don't use if: You wanna spam the fucking pro stick and throw a flashy dime with your center (Try the future diamond Jokic (I bet there is gonna be at least ONE)).

Bottom Line: The redder the skin, the more the shot goes in. 45k is a little steep for a ruby right now, but this beast is a monster on any team (atm), and he's worth way more than his price.

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