'92 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar sapphire card
85 Overall
  • 89 INS
  • 61 OUT
  • 56 PLY
  • 76 ATH
  • 76 DEF
  • 84 REB

The Captain gets his job done

Written by Bulls_Fan151

While looking for an upgrade of my starting Center, emerald Tyson Chandler (still sorry for sacking him from my first team), I recognized happily, that I could afford to buy 7`2” legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. At this evening I have chosen him over sapphire Hassan Whiteside and Marc Gasol– and still don´t regret my choice.

**Bought for: 6,85K MT (market crashed because of amy Cousins and Beal, later on I saw him even for 5,95K).


  • Inside scoring: Though I am not very familiar to the post move mechanics of 2K, I get many buckets with him. Standing (!) Layup, dunking, fade – check. But to use his real strength, his signature shot, I have to get used to the post hook first :)
  • Rebound: Because of his height he grabs a lot of rebounds. And even Shaq doesn´t push him aside that easily because of his 80 in strength and boxout
  • Block: Against the `98 Lakers in Historic Domination, he got 4 in about 10 minutes playing time. His tendency for this is just 51, but because of the fact that I mostly play off ball with the center, I am fine with that (don’t get angry, I don´t play online)
  • Stamina: Though he was 45 years of age at that time, 2K was very generous and gave him a 90. Doesn´t get exhausted too quickly and even with low stamina he gets his job done.


  • Driving to the rim: While his standing layup is fine, his driving layup is somewhat shaky. He doesn´t like traffic in the paint neither.
  • 3Pt: I don´t expect him to hit one, so I even don´t try
  • Playmaking: Well, he is an old fashioned Center

**Recommended Strategy: Post moves, Pick and Roll

**Use if: You want an old fashioned, tall Center, who gets his job done offensively and defensively

**Don't use if: You want one of those young, athletic, full of steroids rim rockers like Towns, Cousins or Whiteside, who can hit the three as well

**Bottom Line: Great fun and nice player to use while building up your team.

P.S. You will get two PS4 Trophys as well:”On the dotted line” and “one of…”

P.P.S. Sorry for mistakes- I am german

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